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Character movement abilities influencing physics of core abilities


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I recently read the 3 classes summaries and am very excited about the progress made.


For the Confessor, I wanted to suggest that the dash ability be used in conjunction with the fireball throwing ability to increase the velocity and power of that fireball.  I guess I am saying is, if the Confessor dashes forward, the fireball should have some added oomph to it and travel a bit faster and farther than if you were just standing still.


Of course if this all has already been considered in the physics engine, then I won't say anything more.


Maybe another area of exploration is if players can accelerate other players or 'launch' them so that they can move farther than they could do alone.  That would be a very interesting mechanic that I would like to see as well.

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If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a Fire Ball


I think that depends on relative size.






...is a lot easier to dodge than this:



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I've said it once, I will say it again...this minotaur wants to throw guineacians over walls as living projectiles that then become someone behind enemy lines to open the door for me. Or just to make a mage shut up from behind his friends, scoop up the duelist and throw him at the mage...

"Lawful Good does not always mean Lawful Nice."

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