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What was the best for SWG feature for you?

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1) people would travel to buy my bio-engineered super pets

2) you could make a name (and mega credits) for yourself by making rifles that did .001 more damage than anyone else

3) the experimentation process that led to #2 and #1

4) the resource system that led to #2 (rare and hard-to-find and never spawn again)

5) resources with different advantages in different attributes (a rare link-steel aluminum might suck for making ship engine parts but make the best rifle barrels)

6) repairing durability of your best equpiment (but still finite and perma-fail eventually)

7) merging of the PvP crowd with the PvE crowd with the social crowd (cantinas and hospitals)

8) player markets - auction bazaars (a game within a game)

9) creature handling system (could train pets for others to use but they were limited)

10) crafting

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Crowfall might be a true successor to SWG for me. Games are incomparable (obviously), but in terms of community and possibility they are on the same level - at least from what I see so far. Probably will change my pledge.

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