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Chronicles of Elyria


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I am excited about this game but I am going to reserve hype, because there is so much unknown. The feature list encompasses a lot, but what will probably generate the most buzz both positive and negative is the permadeath aspect.  It's kind of the opposite of what CF is going for, but in hopes of achieving the same objective.  CF aims to reset the world to avoid the Uncle Bob scenario, while CoE is aiming for an evolving world experienced differently on each playthrough with a fresh character.  Similar mantra of risk versus reward, and hopefully the combat makes taking risks fun.  Oddly enough, I floated a similar permadeath idea on the MMORPG.com site a few years ago, but I am not in a position to make MMOs so my ideas are a dime a dozen;  that said, I still like the idea of characters aging and dying, with a chunk of their experience living on through their heir.


I also think you could adapt this to something similar to DnD where different races have different lifespans but perhaps gain skills at varying rates.  So you could choose to play a long lived Elf but maybe you take a penalty to skill gain.  I would also make it difficult to die outright though, by giving the players opportunities to fight back from death, rescue their own character using an at (think of your main being simply K.O.'ed or captured, but dead if not rescued within a certain timeframe),  perhaps to the possibly of being resurrected by another within a small window.

Luke I am your Uncle... Bob.  What, my sister Padmè never mentioned me?

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  • Q. Is there PvP?
  • Yeah. Lots. Everywhere. Kingdoms go to war, assassins wage their silent battles in the night, highwaymen lay wait in ambush on the unsuspecting passer-by. However, except in times of war, PvP is illegal, and the penalty is stiff. So while PvP is possible everywhere, it's highly unlikely around civilized areas.
  • Q. Griefers. Tell me you've at least eliminated the griefers!
  • Actually, more or less. In Chronicles of Elyria, crimes such as attacking other characters is punishable by time in prison. The more time someone spends in prison, the shorter their playable lifespan, the more their skills atrophy, and the less powerful they will ultimately become. So, we've kind of removed most the incentive around griefing.




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It sounds alright, reminds me of rogue legacy.


Honestly, I try not to get to invested in upcoming MMOs if I can. Crowfall was my first kickstarter, and beside my happenstance that led me to noticing it when I did, I primarily contributed to ACE just because I was in a mood to see games made outside of the major industry loop, not because I felt like GW and JTC we're gonna be the messiahs that realized all the qualities not found in existing MMOs.


CoE could be good, could flop, just like this or any big productions, MMOs fail too often for me to be objectively optimistic about them. I'm more curious about the existing MMOs I've yet to sample, and creator projects that give players the tools and freedom to accomplish the unobtainable, like Skyrim and Project Spark.

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