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The Great Hall - Special forum, special rules

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The Great Hall is the meeting place for members of the Crowfall community to come together to talk about policies such as the Rules of Conduct, Terms of Service, Customer Support and so forth. Share your ideas and suggestions. Voice your concerns. Debate. Discuss.


Please note, however, that all posts here must be constructive, civil and should not reveal anyone’s personal or account information (i.e. no specific individuals or situations can be mentioned) and within the guidelines set forth by the aforementioned Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service.


Also note that you may not discuss specific cases. Moderation and disciplinary actions related to specific individuals will only be discussed with the individual(s) directly involved via email at support@artcraftent.com. Do not share the contents of correspondence from Art+Craft representatives (including Support personnel, moderators or other staff members).

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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