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New Rules of Conduct (General Rules)

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  • Making real-world threats of any kind, against others, may lead to disciplinary action.


Something about this line just doesn't "feel" right. Try:


-Making real-world threats against other may lead to disciplinary actions and notification of proper authorities.


-Making real-world threats against others may lead to the notification of proper authorities and a criminal investigation.


-Temporary suspension of your account, pending an investigation by authorities, will be put into place for any real-world threats against others.


Some too hard, some not hard enough. It is a fine line between what you want to do and what you can do with this statement.


Lamdred Al'Ker - OTG

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I agree. I would go with something like :  you agree not to use the Service in order to:

  • Make real-world threats of any kind against others (this may lead to disciplinary actions including account termination)

I think that putting the emphasis on "IRL threat = disciplinary actions" is important since it's probably the most serious offense.

Edited by courant101

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