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Hearthstone - The Grand Tournament


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Hey y'allz!
If you like Hearthstone I just wanted to giving everyone a heads up on their new expansion coming and the sale you can get through Amazon. When you pre-purchase the 50-pack bundle of The Grand Tournament cards prior to its official release date, you’ll also receive a triumphant new card back. The bundle is $50 which is a good deal for Hearthstone but if you buy it with Amazon coins it's even better!


Right now Amazon coins are 20% off. Which means you pay $40 for 5000 coins. Also when  you spend those coins on the new pack you get 1000 coins back! You can either save the coins or buy more packs with them. If you do you can get another 7 packs for those 1000 free coins you just earned. 


All said and done you spend $40 and get 57 packs for a cost of $0.70 a pack. Normal price is 2 packs for $2.99 


I thought this was a great deal and if Hearthstone is something you like or wanted to try I recommend jumping on this since the pre-order sale ends soon because the expansion is releasing in August.






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