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We need your suggestions about t-shirts

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We're wondering if we should add any text below the Crowfall logo on the front of the shirt.  Something like "Early Backer"  "Founder" or something else?  Constructive suggestions are welcome.   Our

I think it's not any added value to have backer status on the shirts. They look clean and get the point across.   Not sure about your shirt deal but usually the more options you request the more exp

I would suggest some with just the logo in the upper left chest area as well or a polo with the same.   Slightly smaller artcraft logo on the sleeve.   Make sure you stock enough XXXL, this is a P

That was a dig on you and Tipsy, courant ;) If you Europeans had your way, the world would be full of not-men dressing like Louis XIV.

For including some women options, suddenly they insinuate the whole bunch of Europeans are crossdressers & trannies.
The grass always looks greener at the other side I guess xD
Thats like saying if Americans had their way,we'd all be wearing the American flag,with one star being more revealing as the other.
Maybe its not impossible that women are fan of crowfall too,that they like to have a nice selection of goodies.
Equality, no discrimination and all ,ya know 
You got to treat them ladies well..
Can always go for a blend ofcourse,unisex..They seem to be pretty pro at it over there with things like thocks;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4oNOZoIS0o

I like the black tuque and those ones Tipsy :



if I could only choose one i'd go for the jazzy style hat at the right
Edited by Tipsy
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Sigh!  The things I could say within the rules wouldn't set a good example.  :)   And I try to lead by example.  Clearly we need more game updates.

I'm ok with graybox alpha1.. already mentioned this on twitter!!!

Camaraderie ~ Loyalty ~ Honor ~ Maturity ~ Integrity ~ Duty

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Thanks much appreciated,

this kinda became a game for me with lack of finding a decent game to play ..guess Tyrant is right we need more game updates  :lol:

I do hope the succes continues & also think your artworks ,as well as Allison's (and any other talent i havent met)

deserves to be made into crowfall goodies


Like a hunger-dress for ladies needs to be accompanied by a luxurious purse


Or what about a boar-tie for the men?



Also made another shirt with the good sir knight.

But not sure if the artwork would fit best on the arm(the pose of the knight allows it perhaps?)

Still better on the backside?


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Vertical stripes.. burn the shirt while you can.A good reason to be sad about indeed.That poor old guy 

Quite insulting to seniors actually,suggesting they have such poor taste.

I think the First-born series at least deserve something more uplifting ,hot and vibrant.

A granny that plays crowfall..thats one hip granny right there


The zero-F's-given expression on her face is quite fitting   :lol:

I bet that would be her expression while she loots everything on other player's corpses too

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@Tipsy just create a suggestion thread with all your designs in one spot :D



How about some 'poorly made sock' stuff also.

Edited by jetah

Camaraderie ~ Loyalty ~ Honor ~ Maturity ~ Integrity ~ Duty

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We'll do the limited edition with every vendor if at all possible.

Would you mind giving us a sense of how many LE t-shirts have been ordered, and how close we are to the end of their availability?

I mean, I'm assuming "fluffer" is just another pjorative term for carebears, whales, etc. Of course, I could be incorrect, but I doubt it.

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