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Any way to make the site more functional with scripts blocked?

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Hi I use NoScript, mostly because it prevents some of the terror of web-ad-spy/malware but mostly because I like to block facebook tracking me.




Title says it all.


You webdesigner dudes got any way to make the site run better with NoScript? I hope you give it a shot if you're bored or need to sick an intern on something.


You don't need to tinker out how to revamp the site (unless you wanna), but you know...if you guys know whats alright to keep unblocked vrs blocked to get the bare minimum functionality going, hey, that'd be cool if you shared it eh.

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Allow *.crowfall.com and apis.google.com and you should have a functional site.

I mean, I'm assuming "fluffer" is just another pjorative term for carebears, whales, etc. Of course, I could be incorrect, but I doubt it.

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