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You will fly under the WM flag or you will die. Pretty simple. There will be no suggestions, just orders to be followed. I would just get use to it now before the game actually starts.





just give me a sec......







yeah right.

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im in favor of a sb coalition as long as it isnt a zergefest. i already have 3 guilds in mind that imma try to coax in to allying with each other when my beta phase begins.


I would get rid of that mindset right now my good sir. This is not SB, this is not an emulator. Zerg doesn't apply here. There are gaming communities that have rosters reaching well into the hundreds. There are 8300 registered right now. By the time this hits beta I would imagine that number will triple or quadruple at the least. Thirty "Bros" isn't going to cut it, or at least that is my educated guess.


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ah yes....after a while away, i came back due to a Message....and while here decided to read up on an olde Thread....note the Name and the Date kiddies....


still haven't made up my mind about CF ....yet...


but what the hell, ain't like there's any rush......and i am NOT interested in dealing with P.A.B.'s that delude themselves into believing their own shyte....sooOOOOooOOOOoooo....


we'll see....


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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