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Ultima Noxa


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Tra un po metto il post dei Vendetta che torneranno a giocare , si vocifera anche un ingresso trionfale della Federazione

Moltred - I Know My Chickens - Grand Vizier

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Ciao , mi chiamo Virgilio Croce e mi piace la figa secca.



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WarDog - IKMC Leader


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Only-italian or open to other EUs? I'm looking for a competitive hardcore pvp guild. Don't care about player bounds, friendship and all that bull****.


We're open to EUs, and actually had 2-3 EU players back in DF time. We won't speak english outside of big scale fights, but if we have english speaking players we make sure they know what we're doing. Usually we do play with our alliance which is european (same teamspeak/ventrilo etc), so you won't have a hard time anyway.

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