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Crowfall Guilds Index

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Hi there,

I'd just like to announce that I've just launched the Crowfall section of Guildex. Basically a place for Crowfall guilds to list/promote themselves so they can easily be searched for according to a range of criteria.


A bit of background first. A couple of months before GW2 was released I launched GW2Guilds.org; its main purpose being to give guilds an indication of which servers would be the best place to roll come launch. It was great to see all the big alliances declaring where they were going to call home, with thousands of guilds registering themselves over a few short weeks.

I later decided to support other MMOs and renamed the site Guildex. The site hasn't changed drastically since it launched, mainly because it's always been my goal to keep it as simple as possible. Guild websites and forums already cover the contact/communication side of things, so I really just want to provide an easy way to find guilds, and also to see what other guilds you're playing with or against.

Now the site has over 15,000 guilds registered, and I've recently added some auto-pruning functionality which should keep the listings accurate.

Crowfall is the latest addition to the games supported, it being one of the games my own guild is keeping an eye on. Hopefully Guildex will be useful to other guilds looking to play it, and to players looking for such guilds.

As always I'm very open to suggestions for improvements, lots of things have been added in the past based on people's feedback. I'm not quite as familiar with Crowfall as I was with the previous games I've added, so feedback will probably be even more useful this time around.


The main thing that probably needs some tweaking is how the focus/server/faction fields are used, because Crowfall doesn't really have them in the same way that other MMOs do.



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Another member also created one of these back in March.  Here's that thread...



This site works but looks not maintained with inactive forums. Also, it could use international guild support which guilddex does have. I like that guildex is not trying to be more than what it is.


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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the comments!


Does anyone have any suggestions re: how to set the site up in terms of servers? Would it make sense to use God's Reach/Dregs/Shadowlands/Infected? Not really sure how else to divide things up.

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Good Idea! 7B beat me to adding our guild to the list.


Cheers mates!

Do not wish it is easier, wish you were better.

A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.

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