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Hey everyone!  I hope the day is kind to you.


I have always been a pretty active forum lurker rather than a poster.  This probably won't change much here BUT I am glad to be here and be a part of this.


My MMO roots go back to Ultima Online.  Great Lakes server from launch through a couple expansions.  


I played some other MMO's but the only one worth mentioning here is Shadowbane.  I was a member of House Lok-ri on the Death server.  Addricyn Lok-ri I think that character was named.  


I have never been a top notch PvPer myself but occasionally end up in a better-than-average rating.  Right now I would call myself abysmal at PvP.    I might be the guy making your swords when this thing goes live - we shall see.


In any event, Shadowbane was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had.  This game seems to be its spiritual successor.  



It is good to meet you!




Allegory, Portland OR.  

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Welcome Allegory!


Nothing wrong with being a forum lurker.  I only post when I feel strongly about a topic or have something I really want to share.  Seconding Hobs, as another not great PvPer, I'm looking forward to the opportunities Crowfall will provide us to learn and help out while we're improving our skills.


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Welcome, and I guess hello to you all. I'm new and well thought I should say hi too. Can't wait to see ya guys in -game. Oh BTW I'll be bringing the ball and chain with me..Would love info on anyone recruiting for kick back, casual players.

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Hakuna Matata ;).


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