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Making Eks Matter To Everyone

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Its not about having multiple campaigns running different rule sets its about the ability for the rule sets to evolve as the game matures.  The game will start of with zero import rules because no one has anything to import.  Games will continue to be zero import until we hit a tipping point in which the player base has enough disposable resources to want to gamble them on an medium import rules game.

I have concerns over the embargo idea from any of the campaigns back to the EK's.  I am really interested in the economy side of things, and while I agree with Angelmar that EvE does indeed need everyone from 0.0 to hi-sec; I don't see how that translates as well in CF.  The big reason is that the better campaigns are also the longest, which means the better goods are not moving out of the dregs/shadows as quickly as moon goo moves out of 0.0 space.


Essentially ACE is creating a 1.0/hisec area of the game, and they call it the EK.  What I'm curious to see is how the goods are actually moved from the EK to the campaigns and back again.  It's that flow between the two that I really think is going to dictate how well the economy fairs.


Why I quoted Degan, is because I would also hope that some of the rules will change on the fly, as the campaign grows older.  Maybe we need embargo periods at 2 month intervals, where for 48 hours goods can be transferred back and forth between EK and campaign.  This also gives a chance for guilds that may be winning mid campaign, but lose at the end of the campaign the chance to get their loot back to the EK.  The rate at these intervals doesn't have to be the same, they could be very reduced.  But I do think we will need more fluidity to the system.

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EvE and CF could be very similar.


I had another thought as to how to think of the EK's so I wanted to share it here as well; view link to post above.


Crowfall's bands are comparable to EvE's hi-sec or 0.0 space; where the EK is hi-sec, and the campaigns are 0.0.  This "epiphany" has compeletely changed the way I am viewing the game, and the important role that EKs could play.  I'm even more excited.

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