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Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

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Prologue   We are the attackers on your caravans, causing mayhem and murder. We are controlling the resources from the quarries and mines you need to craft your equipment from. We are the sk

Had a great weekend - we hosted a large scale arranged fight between ourselves and Shadiz_live's ALANDAL guild, allied with CREM's guild.   The turn out was great - 3 full groups on each side ending

We have a new website! It took us a few weeks to build this one and we're very happy with the result! Check it out here: http://caldera-guild.com !

silly/long 3 CAL vs 3 CAL (plus randoms) fight out in the open (both CAL sides on the same voice chat ^_^)

with jerodar's group taking a break in the middle to let us fight a random group first.....before reappearing


[apologies for the lighting bugs, patch issue. as is Jake not showing his hp / damage / animations...that was annoying...]



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Caldera is a really promising guild in Crowfall.

And hopefully u guys will play the Dregs with the greatest guilds and the best rewards concerning in-game resources.  ;)

It will be a fun challenge with asset destruction if ACE manage to deliver half of what they`ve promised in the KS launch!  ^_^


Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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Awesome website and I love the emblem, I'm looking for a guild that will be quite social and still serious whilst still allowing for people such as myself who have more important responsibilities in life such as a job and this seems to fit the bill perfectly for me, hoping that's likewise for you guys just recently sent off an application :)

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Hey there Caenth its good to see a focused EU based guild with age restrictions, focused on a goal. Unfortunately I dont have the resources at the moment to get in to Alpha testing. I can get in to Beta 2 which feels like for ever away, but at that time I will be applying to your guild and hopefully be a spot open for me. Ive been playing MMOs for years now waiting for one that satisfies me longer than a month or two, so I figure if I get straight in to a guild and grow and learn the game with people it should enhance the experience. Ill be watching until beta 2 keep up the content and I hope to see you in game. 

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