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Crowd Control And Teamwork - Official Discussion Thread

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Uggghh so much CC in that video. Even if it takes 3 of you, and you may find it great, I guarantee the guy who was in a CC chain for 30 seconds and watched his team die while he did nothing was having

Oh my god, you just criticized a WoW arena video. We're going to hit 40 pages of VN defending his 'hardcore' honor in here by tomorrow night.

Don't get caught up on the mention of 15 seconds, its more of a placeholder to prove that the event is triggering as expected. This number will be changed later on once we refine how the system calls

15 seconds of complete immunity to all CC seems a bit extreme.


I personally feel like there should be different diminishing returns for each category of CC.


For example, DR on stun should make you immune to stuns for X seconds, but you could still be CC'd by slows/roots/knockbacks/etc.


I know this is all subject to change since the first test is focused on stuns/knockbacks. I'm just putting out my thought on what I think it should be like for the final product.

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