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I made this account awhile ago near Crowfall launch and I took a bit of a break, but now I'm back.


You can call me Nate.


*commence epic battle music* 


My question for you, is... what's yo' favourite pie?


My favourite is Hershey Coco Delight, or I think that's how it goes...

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Welcome Nate!  I am weight conscious as is typical in later life, so pies are almost never in my diet,  But in the past, there was never anything I liked more than real pumpkin pie.      Of special mention is pecan pie, because even in cafeterias where all pies taste the same, like in schools, pecan pies always taste like pecan pies.


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Welcome (back) to the forums.  So can I assume you're hoping to see cooking as a crafting skill in the game?  :)


Pie...hmm...I like a well made sour cherry with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top.

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