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So I've caught up on the newest videos regarding the archetype and I've noticed a few things about cast times. Namely that there don't seem to be many unless they're for an important skill like the confessor's super pyroblast and the centaur's rage gen move. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I know they said their ttk was somewhere around 40 seconds or so but they also mentioned that's if like the person you're trying to kill fell asleep at the keyboard and you just auto attack wail on them til they die so I don't know how cast times will affect that number. Still don't know exactly how this affects the gameplay just yet but I can imagine some things.

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I'm sure they will utilize cast times as they see fit... but hopefully they don't have too many rooted cast times...

Second this. I'm okay with longer cast times to fit powerful spells but having a bunch of rooted cast times would mean rolling a different archetype for me.

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If the spell you're really wanting to throw is 3rd or 4th in the chain, it can kind of feel a bit like a cast time as well.


It will be interesting to see how cast times pan out for this and what timing is need to not interrupt the chain. Can I move between my first cast which starts the chain in order to dodge a big hit and then fire my next spell in the combo, or does any movement cancel the chain?


I trust the devs to sort this one out, but I am still curious to hear how it will work simply because I want to know.

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This also makes me wonder if interrupts will be in the game or if physics impulses will break casting


From what I've understood, certain (or all?) types of physics impulse will interrupt casting. 


"While Confessors do have a power that has a vertical knock-up component, we consider it is more of an interrupt than crowd control. The same could be said of the Knight’s chain-pull power with its inverse horizontal pull component."


I wonder if collisions with other players or objects will have an effect on casting, if centaurs charging on another character could cause an interruption.

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Longer cast times for heavy damaging attacks allows the other party to react to try mitigate that damage. So this system is fine and cast time and corresponding animation to show the danger is very important.


Ranged spells are still projectiles and you can move to avoid them, anchoring a player for 2+ seconds is asking for trouble. One melee can juke/jive away from said spell of doom, while the opposing  casters have a nice stationary target. The logic of stationary casting never really made since to me as I always equated it to the devs basically saying that these really high int characters are incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.


Again I'm still curious to see what the devs say in relation to chain spells and movement. My guess is that most cast times will be brief at most and that you will have an internal clock, lets just say 1.5 seconds, to complete/trigger the next spell in the combo thus giving you time to

re-position as necessary.   

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