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John Smedley Leaves Daybreak, Starts New Company...

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Well no, Smed left because of this case with the hacker group, which why ever decided to attack him personally, what is really stupid in my opinion, and what took off on that.


No, he got demoted because of the hacker group debacle. He left on his own free will to start this new company. In the end it doesn't matter. I think he should have been let go when the investment company took over.


Maybe the new CEO can turn things around, but I think it's too late. Nothing but negative news has come out of Daybreak since then. I lost all hope EQN will become something great. If it comes out at all. It's vaporware.


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Yes, because money is more important than people.

Everywhere to be seen in the world, also specially in modern democracies.

I am really mean with Sony that they didnt sell SOE to Storybricks, because these guys really gave it all, because they actually really cared about this project. I got deep respect for them.

But Sony really is a joke, trying even to be a game company like that. I hope they go bankrupt soon, chances are good for that to happen.

Hope that they get bought by a finance-investor company   :D

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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I have yet to see anything but speculation, rumor, and vitriol in this thread.


Can anyone share some real information from a verifiable source?

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Your most likely only source would be Smedly himself and his new partner.

You could give it a try and write him on twitter.

We are just exchanging perspectives here on this topic by discussing about what it means and through that trying to put it into a context.

Based on information that is accessable and most likely from a verifiable source.


But considering what an big (ambitious) game project like Everquest Next would cost, if they in the gaming industry dont spend money like its noting (it is nothing in the end effect, but as long as we believe...), while overestimating their own provision of services monetary, or/and on reflection underestimates the work of other professions, as well as competing with many crowdfunding projects like this one, I dont think it will be a big game.

Maybe a smaller or mid size of an online game or MMO (Shooter, strategy, RPG, simulaton, ...) with interesting gameplay, mechanics and ideas, which I would be interested to see and look at what it is, as small or middle game projects can be ambitious as well and outdo bigger productions for sure.

In fact smaller and mid-sized game projects are most often much more ambitious than their bigger commercial counterparts, because they are more owner- and heart-driven, less money- and capital-driven.

Like you can see with Crowfall for example.


I am exited about as well what Hideo Kojima is going to do after he finishes MGS 5 and leaves Konami. Konami is going to go bankrupt maybe.


Edited by Urahara

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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