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When Will On-Site Pledging Close?

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I think that CF will not be subscription based which implies that there will always be a game to buy, unless the revenue model gets adjusted down the road.  Hence, it makes sense that pledges will be a permanent fixture which is music to our ears over the alternatives.  However, each period that passes, does not return.  A 2016 cannot be a 2015 investor any more than a 2015 investor can be a Kickstart investor.


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pledge $5 now and upgrade later so he will atleast have a 15 pledge package.

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You can say the rewards are yearly based. Now we have the 2015 packages and we had KS (Kickstarter) packages before. We know next year in 2016 the rewards will be less than in 2015 or KS. So, every year the rewards will get less. So expect next year (2016) less rewards in the same packages. The sooner your friend backs, the more rewards he will get for the same amount of money. There is no reason to wait if he is sure he wants to play the game!


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