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Kickstarter Package Discrepancies Now?

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Our target value for the 2015 upgrades is 1.75-3x the money a backer spent (Kickstarter package multiples ranged from 2-4x, but a few of the packages had a larger multiple, as we hadn't set values for several items before the Kickstarter campaign).  Typically the packages Sapphire and below had and have the higher multiples.


Looking at the increments from KS->2015, we're going to remove the VIP increment for three of the KS->2015 packages:

    KS Gold -> 2015 Amber             -4 VIP      (20 sold)

    KS Amber -> 2015 Sapphire      -8 VIP      (36 sold)

    KS Sapphire -> 2015 Ruby      -20 VIP      (7 sold)


Moving forward this will affect any KS->2015 that upgrades through these packages, if the upgrade goes to one of these packages or beyond.  They will be fixed by Monday.


Anyone who has already purchased one of these upgrades or laid it away will not be affected.  It's our mistake and their luck that they got a better deal than we intended.


If anyone has an issue the value of a specific upgrade or package, please do email support@artcraftent.com with the details.


Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Gordon Walton, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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