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Lfg - Austinite Here

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Hi guys,


I know that some of you might immediately think I'm lazy for starting a LFG post instead of asking questions in the stickied threads, but I think it's easier to describe myself and see if a guild thinks I'm compatible than vice-versa.

About me:


Obviously, I am near Austin, TX and in the associated time zone.  However, I tend to play pretty late at night except for weekends (which could be any time).  I don't sleep much and I keep weird hours.


My very first MMO was Shadowbane.  I still have incredible memories of a long, protracted fight as a warlock vs a higher level player ... that I fought WHILE FLYING.  I also remember lucking out, running across a lootable player corpse while watching from the fringes of a huge battle. 

Good times.

I've since played WoW (I don't care what anyone says, Vanilla and BC were awesome), Rift, WildStar (how disappointing), and several others.  I'm not new to the genre and I am not really a noob.  I understand the conventions and I actually got to see Molten Core in Vanilla WoW.

I'm usually pretty good at PVP too but I /loathe/ arenas in any game.  World PVP and PVE content is where my fun is.

My player niche (in MMOs):

I usually play magick-y classes.  I've played mostly casters of some sort in every game I've played.  That said, I'm comfortable in both DPS and healer roles.  In CF, I think I'd prefer to stay DPS or find a hybrid class once we know more about them.  I never play purely melee classes.

My playstyle in general:

I like to have fun and poke around at first, but I /am/ an elitist player.  I play to win.  I want to have the best stuff.  I don't want to be just another cog in the machine.  Just like IRL, I have a drive to succeed and I tend to lose patience with stagnant guilds.

When I suck, I know I suck and it bothers me.  I want to be /good/, not just spend time in a hobby.

This doesn't mean that I want a guild of folks who never leave the computer and have nothing IRL going on for them.  It's more of an attitude thing and everyone reading this who has played MMOs knows exactly what I mean. 


My intended playstyle in CF:

I want three things.  I want to have a badass EK, I want to be a badass crafter, and I want to get out there and see a lot of cool content.  Reading between the lines, this means I need a good guild.

I'm prepared to chip in.  I'm planning to both put the time into the game that is required for end game - but also to work on EKs.  I really think EKs are going to be /huge/ in making a guild rich or not.  Towards that end, I'm considering upgrading to a Ruby patron package.  I haven't decided yet, though.  This has been an expensive year for me and I'd prefer not to throw money around willy nilly until I understand the tangible benefits in EKs.

My personality:

I'm a veteran - in fact when I first started playing Shadowbane I was a kid in the 82nd.  As a result, I appreciate good organization and I don't have a lot of patience for feel-good phoniness.  For this reason, I'm not interested in guilds that take all ages.  I'd prefer an 18 and up guild, or at least 16 and up.  I have nothing against teens but not younger than 16 for the amount of time we will be playing together.

Plus, for a good guild to function properly people need to pay attention and follow instructions.  Younger people usually aren't quite there yet.

However, I am a /huge/ geek, and I can talk about and find common ground with pretty much every flavor of geekdom.  Do you read Fantasy or Sci Fi?  I probably know your favorite authors.  Like Firefly?  Who doesn't.  Go to conventions?  Me too!  Like Swords?  I was in the SCA for a while and these days I'm interested in HEMA.

Other games I play:

World of Tanks (I need a new Clan btw.  I am not amazing but I have 4 Tier X tanks, soon to be 6)

League of Legends (not as much anymore - I think I'm still Silver elo but I don't care anymore.  I almost made it to gold last season)

H1Z1 (occasionally)

Hearthstone (single digit ranks every season)

A slew of single player RPGs.  Seriously, I was a die hard Mass Effect fan before Bioware messed up the ending and I can't wait for Fallout 4.


Please let me know if you think I'd be a good fit for your guild and tell me why.  I really don't want to guild hop when the game starts and I'd prefer to play with other people who believed in CF the same way I did.

:)  Thanks for reading my novel here.

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Wacka Wacka

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Hey come to my teamspeak and talk to us see if you're a fit ts3.gameservers.com:9158



Edit: We have several people who are interested in EK and who are completionists... acheivement hounds if you may. Our community is Vanilla Gaming, currently have a large presence in ARK and dominate a server and have an active guild on ESO currently. Welcome to come and check us out we are an average size community with an EU presence as well.

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Oh hey! Fellow Austinite! Well, I'm currently in Florida and will be moving to SC soon, but Austin born and raised! I look forward to seeing you in game!

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As Giz has stated, I invite you to come check out Wayward Sons. It sounds like you would be a good fit for our vision.


"Sharp alone, deadly together."

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