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Legionnaire And Forgemaster Changed

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the roles of the LEGIONNAIRE and FORGEMASTER archetypes have changed.


LEGIONNAIRE had the role of MELEE DPS and is now SUPPORT



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I think the new icon for the support role represents more what support is about. The cube was ok, but with the Legionnaire being more a melee front liner, the cube was probably not doing the job anymore. The Forgemaster being a specialist now, that's interesting. Maybe some of the physics related abilities that I think were planned for it migrated to another archetype.

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Right, Urahara. They announced the change for Legionnaire three months ago and have reiterated the change since then. The Forgemaster change was a recent stealth update from the webteam, but they did announce it here on the forums- so anyone who's watching the dev tracker should be on top of things. :)


http://wiki.thedregs.net is up to date with the relevant info.

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So Forgemaster will be the only class using a hammer as weapon?


? is a sign referring to a question


The mere asking of the question implies that you assume it's even possible. The construction of the question implies that you suspect it's likely.


Does the existence of dermatologists (skin specialists1) imply that no one else treats pathologies of the skin? Of course not! General Practitioners and Internists treat pathologies of all kinds in their every day practice. Even other medical specialists are trained in general medical care and can (and do) provide treatment for many skin pathologies as necessity and expediency require. Dermatologists are simply the medical professionals who are most skilled at treating skin pathologies. Their existence does not, however, prompt rational people to ask, "So Dermatologist will be the only MD treating skin pathologies?" because that question is stupid.



1 Loosely speaking. They treat more than just skin.

I mean, I'm assuming "fluffer" is just another pjorative term for carebears, whales, etc. Of course, I could be incorrect, but I doubt it.

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