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Founders' Update: Pre-Alpha News! - Official Discussion Thread

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These are very exciting times for the Crowfall team and our backers!   FULL STORY     

I'm glad you asked.  The answer is: No, not for this test.   When we discussed our list of features, we decided that a matchmaking system for teams wasn't high enough priority at this point; it made

One point of feedback: consider not balancing the teams with one of each archetype, but rather having a random distribution of archetype combinations across the population. If three legos are consiste

Awesome! Really really cool.


Expanding the test to include Alpha 1 players will happen in groups (of 50 to 100, most likely). Access will be granted in (chronological) pledge order.  You will get an email with the details you need at least 24 hours in advance of your first test. Everyone with an Alpha 1 reward will get multiple opportunities to test!


Totally fair imo. This makes sure everyone with Alpha 1 access will get to play Hunger Dome.  :lol: Even the backers back in the line. As a early backer I do not have any problem with this. Fair game. See ya on the battlefield!

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Seems really awesome. I can't even believe the game is already ready to be tested like this.


However, I feel like the cap for 25 matches per account is not a good idea, especially not when the game mode is single elimination where you're out if you die.


You could literally use up those 25 matches in 1-2 hours if you're a bad player and/or unlucky with spawns/teams/etc.


I think it's a huge mistake to limit people like that. You should take all the testing and help that you can get. Don't try to push people away like that.


That other game(most people probably know what I am talking about) has had to test with AI/bots because they couldn't get enough actual people for some of their testing sometimes.



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This is crazy! penguin.gif

Test servers will typically be open for an hour or so at a time, at least a few days every week:D

  • Teams spawn at a random location on the map. 
  • Players spawn with no equipment and have to scavenge the world for weapons and armor.
  • Single elimination. You die, you’re out.
  • The Hunger is a giant ring of pain that starts at the edge of the map and moves inward.
  • If you get caught in the Hunger, you die.
  • If you kill another player, you can loot them.
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Crowfall testing royale!
48 men enter 3 leave :)
I remember us talking about a battle royale kind of campaign type and how the hunger would be perfect for it

That other game(most people probably know what I am talking about) has had to test with AI/bots because they couldn't get enough actual people for some of their testing sometimes.

That other game was going to divide people up by time zones and limit them because they thought they were going to have so many testers, it never happened because people weren't use to real game testing. I see some of the same descriptions here when they talk about just how early this testing is going to be. I think the 25ish cap, whenever it gets turned on, is a great way to make sure everyone gets to experience the game but the downside is you don't find the people who are able to make the kind of serious commitment if unfortunately people stop showing up in the numbers that you need.


There was an update awhile ago about testing and it talked about how there would be more of this internal phase filled with testing that people wouldn't want to be a part of because it's so boring in most people's eyes, well there are people who would help with that :)

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