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Founders' Update: Pre-Alpha News! - Official Discussion Thread

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These are very exciting times for the Crowfall team and our backers!   FULL STORY     

I'm glad you asked.  The answer is: No, not for this test.   When we discussed our list of features, we decided that a matchmaking system for teams wasn't high enough priority at this point; it made

One point of feedback: consider not balancing the teams with one of each archetype, but rather having a random distribution of archetype combinations across the population. If three legos are consiste

Used to abbreviating queue to "que" from years of WoW arena. Made a bit of a mistake there.


Guess you wouldn't know about those from all those years of writing absolutely flawless code lmao.

The reason for the cap is to get everyone in. This obviously means that there will be a very limited amount of tests and their math said on average that is 25 matches per player. For fairness and diversity of testing feedback they want players to have a maximum number of experiences to allow everyone a similar scope in that limited window.


A 'que' wouldn't really allow them that goal.

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Never heard of a video bug report.


Reports from internal bug testing (in AAA dev) pretty much always include video and reproduction steps these days if they're applicable. At least in my experience. That or you talk to the tester if they're in-house and have them reproduce the bug on your machine so you can diagnose it. It's very important for identifying problems.


The ability for the client to send videos (or replays) back to ACE for bugfixes would be pretty useful if possible. Probably not practical though, both for user-bandwidth considerations and potentially for privacy. That said, if you manage to Shadowplay or otherwise record a bug on your own, maybe it would be worthwhile to stick it on Google Drive or something and include a shared link in your report?

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The area is MUCH smaller than a CW, but it is large enough to contain a keep, a few fortresses, and a scattering of buildings.  


The encroaching Hunger Dome ensures that the play area get smaller and smaller through the course of the match.  Inevitably, the last few survivors face off at the base of the pillar of light -- assuming that players from opposing teams are still alive by the time the Dome collapses.





I see, it's not a campaign world, but more like an area. Where multiple players may gather online and battle.

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Is it me or is the Crowfall Pre-Alpha announcement almost getting no media coverage and attention? Rather disappointing.  :(


Now there are more :

When the press release is published we should see additional media coverage as well.  :)

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Now there are more :


Yeah, found some of those and others by now too. Took them a while to publish them though. Guess we have to do a better job to spread the word ...


Although on mmorpg.com and massivelyop they are complaining about the amount of Crowfall articles .... guess we can't win.  :rolleyes:


THE most active European Crowfall community. Join us now!

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TA: And uh is it just a statistical thing or is it actually changing the appearance on the character?

TB: No, I mean we went all in on the gear system, we're like "Alright we're building it we might as well build what we want for the finished product". So when you put on a breastplate it changes your appearance and in fact we even gave the teams colors so it updates the pieces of the gear that have colors. For the Knight example his cloak changes to his team color when he jumps into the map.


So, does that mean gear has stats?


Proud member of The Hunger

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I am very excited to see some of this Hunger Dome footage! I do hope this concept of a Free-For-All game mode is not left in the dust after initial testing, rather a game mode which can be built upon for further testing in later stages of Alpha 2 and other testing. I will be actively watching any streamers supporting Crowfall for those of us patiently waiting for our turn to try the Hunger Dome!



See you in future testings and Crowfall!



Very Hyped to be testing, Tamer of Tacos for years upcoming and past. "If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

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Will AE be streaming some pre-alpha?


That would be awesome. However I think we will see enough videos (at least I hope so) to be satisfied to a certain point. 

You get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass - dubanka

Even insects smell good when roasted - a random confessor

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You know, when you guys said that pre-alpha was going to be solid combat-testing, I wasn't expecting much. I was expecting everyone to come in with pre-determined (or no) equipment, no excess items, very few powers (like, mains only + 1 or 2) and just have us swinging at each other to test base combat and mild physics.


Then you introduce the Hunger Dome, which of course provides a rule-set for us to follow. Cool, makes the game more fun and allows us to fight with the purpose of last-man-standing survival. I can totally live with that.


"Oh, there's gonna be stats, some healing and even rather limited customization." OK, that'll be nice :) Now we won't all look alike and there will be some variation of skills. Very cool.


"Oh, and we have equipment, loot and inventory details online and want to test them." ... Wow, you guys have been very busy. Sweet, looks like the game has a great start!


"Did we mention that not only do we have a landscape to fight on (granted it's grey-boxed), but the UI is already set up and mostly operational?" ... ....... .............. WHAT?! OMG YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Seriously, this is WAY more than I expected for initial testing. I may not be taking part in it (Alpha 2 here) but I'm impressed that, for the first time you're opening the metaphorical doors for gamers to come in and see your game's beginnings, you already have quite a bit going for it. Honestly I don't know how you have some much functionality in a game that hasn't even been opened yet. I'm very excited to see what is operational when Alpha 2 players start coming in!

Can we have a Bard? If not as an Archetype or Promotion, then maybe a Discipline?


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