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Founders' Update: Pre-Alpha News! - Official Discussion Thread

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These are very exciting times for the Crowfall team and our backers!   FULL STORY     

I'm glad you asked.  The answer is: No, not for this test.   When we discussed our list of features, we decided that a matchmaking system for teams wasn't high enough priority at this point; it made

One point of feedback: consider not balancing the teams with one of each archetype, but rather having a random distribution of archetype combinations across the population. If three legos are consiste

This is pre-alpha.  Just because they're going to let in alpha 1 testers doesn't mean this is alpha 1.


Most likely the plan is to do some pre-alpha testing and then go into development mode and then back to pre-alpha testing and back and forth for a little while till they're ready for alpha 1.  At least that's how I've interpreted things.

that makes sense

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This is just a great way to include the community in the development of a game, I hope that it goes well.  Rather than doors wide open and adding features in iteratively, you are setting the context, making it time boxed, setting expectations, and what the goals are.  Im happy with this decision and hope that it proves fruitful.  


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Sounds fantastic, and totally agree with those whose expectations have been blow away! Much more than I'd expected for the pre-alpha, it's very exciting!


Now I just need to hide my credit card for a month or six until Alpha 2...  

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The area is MUCH smaller than a CW, but it is large enough to contain a keep, a few fortresses, and a scattering of buildings.  


The encroaching Hunger Dome ensures that the play area get smaller and smaller through the course of the match.  Inevitably, the last few survivors face off at the base of the pillar of light -- assuming that players from opposing teams are still alive by the time the Dome collapses.




Which isn't unlikely. If you are pinning for "gather, stealth and ambush" style of pvp on that xD.

Wait till the last "two" dough it out.

Then when the dude is "Ehh? It didn't end?".

YOu jump out of soemwhere with an surprise explosion bag, giving him an hearthattack so that he jumps into the fire xD.

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