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Wayward Sons (WS) NA/EU

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I have a few things to say:


As I see all the different guild threads, it is so strange not to see some sort of extra banter tied to the recruitment process.  Usually there is that added layer of faction and it is different, yet refreshing to go about that based only as a guild.


This is true, but I think this is cool too because you can make alliances and enemies not based on factions, but based on guild association. I think that adds a deeper level of politics to the game. Alliances can change.


Kas, your signature is so smart! I think I'm going to adapt that method.


Whoa whoa whoa. I mean we are close Giz, but not close enough to show you my badge nasty boy! Lol!!!

My badge!


Yay hot thread!


Carry on.



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There actually is a 3-way mode of RvRvR.  I copied this from the "Campaign Modules FAQ":



Are there default Campaign settings?


Absolutely!  This is what the “World Bands” are for. Generally, if you know the type of Campaign you enjoy, you can use the World Bands as a way to start your search.  The first question you should ask is, “What kind of team do I want to play on?” and start looking at Campaigns of the appropriate type.  Team selection rules will remain constant within a Band. (For example, the God’s Reach Campaigns will always use the 3-Faction Rules.)  Attributes and Modules can (and will!) change from one Campaign to the next, even within that Band.


Can you describe the base elements, i.e. the “aces and spades” of the Campaign system?


The TEAM RULES determine how the players are divided up, on entry to the game.


GOD'S REACH = Faction based Campaigns divide players into three groups (Order, Balance and Chaos).

THE INFECTED = God-War based Campaigns divide players up into 12 teams, one for each of the Elder Gods.

THE SHADOW = Guild-based Campaigns allow players to self-organize into groups.

DREGS = Free-For-All



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I was just thinking about the fact that our guild needs someone in the early testing.  And that the powers that be should randomly select ME to get into the early testing so that we can offer great feedback:)

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