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Falling Skies - Series Finale


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First of all, 42 minutes long. It's the battle to end all battles. Shouldn't the series finale be twice as long? Some series gets 2 episodes for a season finale. This one couldn't even do it for a series finale? Weak.


Second, battle scene. Or lack thereof. This series is notorious for showing the aftermath of battles to save money on producing big battle scenes. This finale was no exception. Weak.


Third, gee don't waste any animation on time on the least seen alien race. No closure there. Boo.


Fourth, speaking of closure -- Pope. WTF. whatever.


Finally, despite the weak, weak, weak series finale -- at least this series found one. All too often, you'll get a series that will end due to budget and a lack of viewers. Thankfully, this series saw it's ending. I wouldn't count the series as epic or anything, but definitely a good waste of time.

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