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Been a while - Update on crafting?

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As we saw in the latest video, the team is working hard on systems other than crafting right now.


Check out dev quotes in this thread: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7489-crafting-update/page-2

Edited by Jihan

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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That's a good link, thanks. I had not seen that before. I'm tempering my enthusiasm until we get servers to log into regularly, and that means not obsessing over the forums. That was near the end of June, which was a little over 2 months ago. I'm also glad Raph is still a part of the process! I feared his input had ended after the initial month or so.


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