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It's howdy doody time

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Well, how do you do? I'm Alford, or Connor if you prefer real names. I originally discovered this game through Extra Credits (hi, Alison), and was rather enthralled by the art style and game play setup. Couldn't put any money down during the kickstarter, but now that there is a PayPal option I said "hash tag YOLO" and reserved a copy.


I've never been much of an MMO player, though I've spent quite a lot of time with Runescape (hue) and SWTOR. Mostly I play games like League of Legends and Halo for multiplayer and leave my RPGs singleplayer. However I've always liked the idea of a Social RPG, I just always felt traditional MMORPGs had an awkward wall between the moment to moment game play and the social aspect. Thus I was quite intrigued when I saw that linear questing isn't going to be in this game.


I'm excited to find out first hand what this game has in store, and rather like the idea of engaging with a community again, the way I did back with LittleBigPlanet. So here's to game development. That wild west of this media age.


If I play my cards right, and can motivate myself to get off League, maybe I'll be a dev too someday. :P

I will be the best Forgemaster

I will make battle spades

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Hi and welcome to CF!

Dont be scared to contribute in the forum, people dont bite very hard.

Well it's the biting that reminds us we're alive, right? Or at least that we need to get up for food every once in a while.

I will be the best Forgemaster

I will make battle spades

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