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[CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!

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So what is the dregs? A guild? A forum? Another place to talk about CF?

It's an unofficial community hub to gather and present players with both official, fan-made, and original content. We have plenty in the works (as well as already made) that will make this more apparent as game development progresses. There is little point in releasing it now at the current game state. As it stands right now, it's a forum, a wiki, and a gameplay video/streamer directory.


We all volunteer our time for the love of the game...centralizing information is a great way to help build a growing community, which is what every backer here wants out of CF.



I see a post in the recruitment section for WM that has devolved into the normal WM banter is that the sort of community your trying to foster?

In short, yes. Picking up the slack of the official forums by providing a loosely moderated and political environment for both players and guilds is the endgame of our forums. I come from a shadowbane background, I would like to see a stronger presence for Crowfall. This does not mean, however, that the forums are tailored strictly to that type of crowd. As our website grows and expands into a supplemental source to the actual game itself (again, at it's current phase the production of OC is limited which can be seen even here) I completely expect all crowds to find their niche inside of the TD community. With that being said, the forums are just a very small part of the overall content/resources we plan on having, so it's completely optional. Take advantage of the rest...that's perfectly fine with us!



Why are you guys giving this stuff away? Jus outta the kindness in your heart or?

As I said, for the love of the game and to build a stronger community. We're in it for the long haul and glad we can help out both potential and current backers. The cost of the contest is small in relation to all time we've spent coding the video system and putting almost 250 consistently updated articles into our wiki, and that was out of the kindness of our heart too.


If you have any other questions...I'd be happy to answer them.

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Both of these contests are now closed
If you are a guest/potential backer and participated in the "What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?" thread, we will be running the generator tonight and all winners will be contacted within 24-hours from now. Make sure you check your Official (or The Dregs) Private Message boxes. If we do not get a response within 48-hours, we will be redrawing for the next winner. After all winners have been accounted for and pledges sent...we will post a list


If you participated in the "The Dregs Crowfall Caption Contest-Giveaway!", we are tallying votes and will select a winner for both the Contributor and Backer package within 48-hours. After which, the same rules as above apply...so make sure you get back to us within 48-hours of message receipt!

Remember... ACE requires that all accounts who trade pledges, whether receiving or sending, must have 2FA enabled.

Thank you to all the participants...we hope you enjoyed it and plan on running more in future!


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OK then I will certainly be glad to give this contest a try and thanks. Question: What am I looking forward to most in Crowfall? The simple fact is that I enjoyed WOW for years because I do love a fantasy MMO game. Crowfall has seemed to be the most interesting of the possibilities so I backed it and even joined a guild (I like the folks in it).


OOOPS! Sorry, should have read further down to the end. I am too late.

Edited by Farblue
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Unfortunately, we discovered that non-backer accounts are not set up to receive PM's on this forum. We contacted ACE to try to push emails... and hopeful on a solution. We want to get ahold of these people so they can claim their reward (If you know them, get in contact)! Below are the winners:



You all have won our contest for 1x Supporter Pledge, thanks for your contributions to the topic! Make sure you enable 2-Factor Authentication on your account (via the account panel) and post a reply in the contest topic letting us know it's on so that we can send you your pledge ASAP.

We plan on running many more contests (and still have yet to decide the winner of the Backer and Contributor pledge for the caption contest), so stay tuned!


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From Regulus on TheDregs:

"After some time deliberating...we have finally decided our winners!

Congratulations Sciocco and Murhder!

Sciocco has picked up 1x 2015 Backer Package and Muhrder with 1x 2015 Contributor Package. We'll be in contact with you guys to get it transferred, so make sure you enable 2Factor Authentication.

Thank you to everyone who has participated. We plan on running plenty of other contests, so if you have any ideas...let us know!

(Below are the winning captions)


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