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What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?

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I am looking forward to the nostalgic factor from times past (Shadowbane), with the delivery of a modern MMO and what I thrive for:  great PvP, consequences on death and the overall sense of a living gameworld again!

"If your not failing sometimes, you aren't growing.  Without growth, there can never be greatness."

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Unfortunately, we discovered that non-backer accounts are not set up to receive PM's on this forum. We contacted ACE to try to push emails... and hopeful on a solution. We want to get ahold of these people so they can claim their reward (If you know them, get in contact)! Below are the winners:



You all have won our contest for 1x Supporter Pledge, thanks for your contributions to the topic! Make sure you enable 2-Factor Authentication on your account (via the account panel) and post a reply letting us know it's on so that we can send you your pledge ASAP.

We plan on running many more contests (and still have yet to decide the winner of the Backer and Contributor pledge for the caption contest), so stay tuned!


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I`m excited about most of things in game:

# politics

- creating alliances and being part of it

- creating mercanary guild ( dregs i wait for you! <3 )

- backstabbing etc.


# eternal kingdoms

- creating nice hub for polish community

- doing some funny social events for people - be it rp or some kind of tournaments, because i simply like it

- well i like building stuff


# world pvp

- im tired of all battleground style pvp, i want more random encouters

- i want to theorycraft about builds and what it can be used for

- i want to learn tactics and strategies, where i can use that char with that build, where its most effective etc

- exploring new worlds, generally i love idea of scouts, spys and commands based on that ( small trap that was supposed to be fast skirmish evolves to large scale battle <3 )

- siege warfare!


Lots, and lots more. Creating new chars and learning what i can get from it. Be jack of all trades? Or maybe someone more specialized at something ...

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We had Community in SWG, until the NGE hit. It was really an amazing game at one point. It wasn't about the graphics, content, or gameplay. It was the people that kept me coming back. It was the Community that kept us all coming back.


I haven't played an MMORPG really since I left SWG. It just wasn't the same. Really hoping this game could bring back all the things we loved. *fingers crossed*

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Community, sieges and classes. 

I think in today's MMOs Community is word that gets thrown around a lot but with very little gravity. Back in the day, you had to get in contact with people if you wanted to get your arrows crafted, you had to get in contact with people to down a boss, you had to get in contact with people to siege a castle. I am not saying that old MMOs were the best, a lot of things were utterly broken and frustrating but community was actually a thing. I want a MMORPG that utilizes modern graphics and sophisticated mechanics, while bringing back that old-school Community feeling. Its a hard thing to do, but if the people at Artcraft manage to do it, i am a customer for life.

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I want Crowfall to give me....

 -when killing somone, your rewarded with open/full loot or fame/trophy (Before Trammel)

 -population/openworld (i dont want to see 10 different worlds/servers) (something like shadowbane without the different worlds)

 -something for single players to do if they cant find a guild/clan so they dont fall behind.

 -pixel crack

 -its own Voice Communicator program.

 -If i bring friends to the game do i get compensated??

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For me it is a mixture of things. The community of having guilds and forming cities in the campaignes. Trade routes and a bartering player run economy. Being a master craftsman and having my legendary weapons in the hands of our allies.


Espionage, murder, assassinations, plots, factions, treaties. Setting up practise runs of goods etc.

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