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[Videos] Pre-Alpha Highlights and Full VODS!


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Took me a little bit of time to gather them all up so enjoy!


Youtube Playlist of the Highlights!



Full Alpha Test VOD on Twitch



Full Alpha Test (Evening) Vod on Twitch




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BlankSpace thanks for creating this content and bringing your fans to the game.  Feels like its going to be an up hill battle educating them (that PvE chat today)


Man you have no idea. I feel like I should have a timer that says 'This game is in PRE-ALPHA'


Everyone expects Alphas to be a full game you pay to play early because of the Steam model. NOPE.

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We're updated the playlist with 2 more videos for those who couldn't make the live stream!


Some updates already that we've noticed and our full feedback report submitted just yesterday!




Some people were asking about my feedback for the test so here is that link also!



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