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TRG A gaming community


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TRG was founded in the Planet Side one days and has been a multi game community ever sense. We are an adult (18+) gaming group that focuses on team work to achieve our objectives.


TRG was very big in PS2 and Warhammer online and we are hoping to have a good core group for Crowfall. Sadly Warhammer suffered from much of the same issues of shadowbane and others. A stalemate map or a zerg who won the map during the other sides non peak times. We are hoping that Crowfall will be the answer to prayers for a sustainable playing experience. 


If you are looking for a well organized team of players then TRG is the place for you.


Apply at TRGgaming.net and list me as your reference.


P.S. The planet side 2 boys also want you to know we still play that game so if you need a good outfit on planet side you can apply as well. lol. 



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