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Rocket Thruster Movement


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Be sure to check out the Animation Techno Mumbo Jumbo article from August 13th for some light pre reading.


Thomas describes the controls as “wearing a belt of rocket thrusters.”  In the combating testing I was seeing some behavior that I wasn’t too fond of.  Some examples;

  • Blank Space (playing a confessor) flat out pushes Valor (playing a knight) off a chest just by running into him
  • Arawulf has identified that he as a knight can push people sideways off his confessor

I feel like the pill isn’t distinguishing between its “booster” and a vector from another player and because of that it’s creating a look that’s a little more bouncy or skating rink than I was expecting.  The best idea I’ve had for countering this is identifying the outside vector and similar to how you arrest movement apply an opposing vector based on the characters mass.  I’d love to hear some other ideas.



I think if you look at this short video from Obs you can see some of what I’m talking about

  • Obs starts his charge into the side of the enemy centaur
    • I believe the animation goes the full distance (maybe it always does)
    • I’m good with small mass archetypes going for the full ride but would like to see the larger mass archetypes (even sideways) have an impact on the animation 
  • At the end of the charge Obs spins to back kick the other centaur
    • Sweet move
    • Did not expect the centaur to go that far when kicked (maybe the confessor). 
  • Re-entering the fray he has a head to head collision with a centaur and they both stop dead
  • Then a knight takes a few steps into his side before a swing and Obs is pushed sideways
    • Mabey in an ice rink or if he was sleeping
    • I just don’t like the look of a knight or confessor walking into a Centaur and moving him
    • I’m good if they use some kind of lung or charge attack where they increase their mass to do it 

My two chikens.

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I'm sure this will improve a lot. What bothered me the most was when knocked down target was pushed away by another character and started sliding on the ground. Lying, four legged, and motionless bodies should have more stability and harder to move.

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It definitely looks too much like a skating rink right now and that's not good. What I'd like to see (and if we're trying to emulate real world physics here) is make everybody have much more weight. In the real world you can't push people around like that. Even lighter, smaller people don't just slide along the ground. It's unrealistic. If you put enough force on them they'll probably just fall over or stumble, and when a knight has his shield block up, his increased mass would prevent him from falling and he literally just will not move.


Maybe instead of a skating, sliding animation they could adjust it so that the player stumbles a bit, taking two or three steps to the side before coming to a full standing (and stopped) position again. Unless someone continues to push them, in which case they'd just continue stumbling and/or at some point maybe fall over? I dunno, but you get the idea. Hopefully this extra weight is reflected in combat as well, because movement in combat looks very slidey, skatey as well and it's not good. Players should look like their feet are firmly planted in the ground and if they move it's because their sword swing is lunging them forward, or they're dodging, or something else. But right now I think it just needs some tweaks to make it look right.

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I'm just going to quote a part from the article the OP linked himself and leave the conversation with that.


Initially we tried a pure server-based character controller model.Initially we tried a pure server-based character controller model. When you press the W key a message is sent to the server to tell your pill to start moving, and the server sends back a message to the client to tell the client that the pill has moved or is moving. Unfortunately, even in 2015, the best roundtrip from a client, through the servers and back to the client is about 150ms-250ms. Though it may not sound like a lot of time, this roundtrip time can make the controller feel mushy and unresponsive. When tested under lag conditions it was really noticeable, not that you can play most games if there are lag storms going on, but we want to account for the possibility.


We went with the server model initially to try and keep the pill in the exact spot it should be in the physics server at all times and just pass down updates to the client, which would have been great if it had given us the responsiveness we want.


We tried it, weren’t happy with it, and are planning on adjusting.


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I'm just going to quote a part from the article the OP linked himself and leave the conversation with that.


Yes the article mostly refers to the lag associated with movement that people are currently experiencing along with drifting a bit farther than intended. One way they're planning on fixing that is to switch to a standard client prediction setup that most games have. This should hopefully address the issue on the player's end where they keep moving farther than they intended, so it will give them a better feeling of control over the character. That's good.


With that in mind, what we're additionally discussing here is something related, but different. First of all how a) animations make the characters move in a way that makes them look like they're skating on a sheet of ice (and are frozen solid and can't move while skating). It looks bad and is unrealistic. Also b ) mass of all archtypes seems a bit too low at the moment because they move too easily and with too little force than what some of us were expecting.

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I'm just going to quote a part from the article the OP linked himself and leave the conversation with that.



I appreciate the post, but I think its two different things.  The server side vs. client side affects what I call under or over steer.  You press the w key the message goes to the server and back and then you see the character move.  You stop pressing the w key and again 'there and back' before you stop.  I'm talking about is the application of force from other characters.  It feels like people are two easy to push around just by walking into them.  I recommended a solution where a pill resists pushes from an outside force based on their mass.  Leiloni, recommends increasing the mass of pills.  A third option would be tweaking the friction between the pill and the ground.

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A small object should be able to displace a larger one a little bit, but after the initial impact the inertia should be nullified and the superior object should offer greater resistance.


They could probably tune it so larger objects have greater push and traction but they shouldn't be completely immune to displacement unless it's a Fae or Guineacean pushing a Centaur.

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