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Please, Auto-Level According To Zone

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Don't make PvE the driving force of content and level progression please. PvE should be like resource nodes, other players should be content, politics, territory managment, friendships, betrayals, mortal enemies. Not level 1-100 ratmen

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I actually enjoyed the GW2 experience with this - but I only picked the game up in the past month.  There's no PKing while leveling in GW2, though, which sucks.  And as I experienced how the re-levelling works, it got me wondering... what's the point of leveling at all?  (As others in this thread have mentioned.) 


Some players probably just get a lot of appeal out of an "achievement/reward" system (the behaviorists out there are probably laughing), dopamine spikes and all that.  PK'ing, however, relies more on endorphins than dopamine (I suspect).


Anyway, what Youma said.  Maybe the intersection of MOBA/MMORPG that has captivated so much attention here means you can get a new 'toon ready for the battle in zero time.  What time you spend interacting with the world with that character (when not participating in "battle" of whatever flavor) is about customization.

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Well,  just my thoughts here, but I enjoy low level PvP.  Anybody remember, the "White Sands" and "Underhalls" areas in Age of Conan? 

The low level PvP was really fun and good practice. 


It seems when you get to the higher levels, small mistakes have more impact (die faster)  and the competition (player skill) is higher.


With the auto down-level system, you character is down leveled to the zone; nothing else changes.  So, when my level 50 character goes to the level 20-30 Centaur area to farm, fight Centaurs, etc...  my character is down leveled to level 30.  By the way,, the maps are quite huge.


So, I imagine if that whole map was open PvP,  how cool would that be,....?  All the goodness of open world PvP with the added benefit that anyone you fight would  be within 10 levels of you in terms of power/ health/ etc. 


Yes, there could still be surprise attacks, roaming marauder groups, etc...  but they would now be within 10 levels of you. 


Personally, I love the "danger" of open world PvP, but getting spanked by someone or a group of someones, who is 20-30-40 levels above me is not fun at all.

How many of you (us?) just go straight to PvP at low levels and enjoy fighting people at their max level?  die, respawn, die, respawn,die, respawn.....


In most games, don't we typically wait until we are "high enough level to PvP"    Heck, I remember in Shadowbane,  people saying "don't even come to a siege unless you are at least "x" level....."   


Did you play SW:ToR?  After you leveled up, did you ever want to return to the lower level planets for fun?   Maybe to grab a datacron or something specific,  but just return because it looked cool or something like that? 


Well,  that's my opinion. 


Regardless,  I imagine this Crowfall team will have new, more creative ideas and solutions...  they seem to be very "on point" so far.



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