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We have been building up to making our very own pod/stream-cast. We have decided to feature CrowFall on our inaugural cast as we have a few members who have been streaming the combat testing on a regular basis. It's a party and everyone is invited, so come chat with us while we talk about all things CrowFall and maybe laugh as we get side-tracked in our flights of fancy on what was and what could be. User participation is key throughout the stream but we also plan to have a strict audience Q&A session. as we talk we will be featuring footage from our very own Chelvie.


Where: http://www.twitch.tv/gowcast We will be monitoring the chat on gowcast for the Q&A/Audience Participation.

When: 9/10/2015  -  6:30 - 7:30 Central    (Combat alpha pre-game show)



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Excellent news. Eventually we'll have a community show to watch every night of the week :)

Yeah!!! Community content is where it's at!! I'm hoping we drive participation up when the game goes public!!

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Thanks to all who attended to hear us be idiots! We will try to make this a regular thing and I'm sure CrowFall will remain a constant topic as testing persists!

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