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Game Improvements, what do you hope the devs do?

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Camera feel / controls, character movement, animation lock, combat flow, QoL changes.


Just about anything else you can think of.


In the coming months, and future milestones, what do you want the devs to improve on and how?


I personally want animation lock reduced, less stiffness in combat over all, better camera responsiveness (right now the camera feels disjointed from your character), more mobility options (like a dodge of some sort acting as both a way to avoid projectiles and break out of animations) and the first iteration of character stats / building.

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I've felt that powers have too much of a delay between me giving the command and the power actually initiating.  I often find myself praying my character will start moving after I hit the power key while I'm watching my character remain in idle animation.


I can tell that my power has been activated whenever I either see the two big combo keys show up (They show up way late), or when I see my character performing an animation that stands out.  I think  I either get this feedback too late, or that powers take way too long to cast.  Basic attacks feel much more quick and responsive, giving me way more security.  The '4' key power especially is very hard to identify whether it took place or not, or whether it hit the enemy at all.  I feel very blind when using powers and often default to using the '1' key charge power at melee range which clearly communicates when it did its job (Pushing the enemy a long distance).


Either the latency is too significant for feedback to be given to the player, or powers do not have enough audio / visual feedback to inform the player what is going on.  My average MSG ping is 200+ for reference.


I feel the combat itself is pretty healthy at the moment, I like the movement speed, the powers, and the animations.  I can feel the weight that makes movement significant.  Charge in the incorrect direction and your opponent gets the opportunity to land free hits on you.


The problem is I can't see what's going on, powers take way too long to begin the animation after I hit the power's key.  Did I hit him?  Is my power going to go off or not?  I feel this should be addressed before anything else.

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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  • adding a little more detail in the animations, for example your character is in full motion and you suddenly stop pressing the movement button your character should some steps forward slowing down and then stoping
  • adding more movement options like while running doing a dive in a +/- 45 degree direction depending on your input (left and right)
  • adding also more details in the movement to make it more fluid. At the moment everything seems to be a little bit stiff and un-natural 


  • optimizing the product in all aspects - networking for example


Well I haven't played yet so probably will be more or less stuff I'd want to see. 

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Centaurs look like poorly made socks.

Goofy hooves for the lose.


"Signals, Sound off Plates and Greaves! Line up! Prepare to advance!"

- Saying things a Centaur Legionnaire likes to hear.

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Lock the camera to the direction you are facing.


Crosshair should not turn red when you are on a target.


Speed up the feel of the game by shortening the animation locks and giving them better movement while going through an animation.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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I think the idea of "improvement" is only meaningful when you have a status quo baseline to compare your improvement to. What they're doing now is not "improvement", it's "making the game".

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