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Hi, Im Steven! (SCarroll)


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Hello, I would like to just introduce myself to this community. I generally stay inactive on the forums but I see this game being one I put lots of time(maybe money) into. 


So a little about me! 


Im a huge gamer though some recent events have kept me away from gaming I am trying to get back to my roots. I have played almost every MMORPG you can think of. My favorite MMORPG is Tera Online for the action combat and dem elins to stronkkk. I am interested in starting a community/guild and bringing people together. You can check out the guild I am creating with my brother at http://eternal-brotherhood.com/


I just started a new job working at a Call Center/Tech support and I monitor all the FTP/SFTP transmissions that go through a major investment company. It can be stressful when people screw up their configs and you have someone calling you asking why their MILLIONS of dollars didnt transfer XD. One time I had a guy call who forgot his password....... Threatened to pull out his $50 million from the company.....Like bro its your password not my fault!!!! 0_0 



My brother and I have always wanted to stream on twitch. You can check out our old channel at http://www.twitch.tv/twincasters. We havent streamed in a while but we plan to stream for Crowfall Alpha!!


Here is a pic? Dat beard amirite. 




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