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[ELG] Eternal Light Gaming


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Welcome to Eternal Light Gaming!


Eternal Light Gaming is:

A community oriented guild, offering an environment for members of very types, from the weekend warrior to the day to day content pusher. We are a new community looking to start its roots in Crowfall.


What We Are Looking For:

  • Community Minded People
  • People Who Show Trust, Honesty, Respect, and Intergrity
  • An Active Player Base with Constant Presence
  • Those Committed for the Long Haul
  • Quality, not Quantity

Things We Offer:

  • Transparent Leadership
  • Room to Grow
  • Organized Content Progression
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • No drama
  • Community Oriented Guild

Information on Me

I have an active MMO background from the age of eight up til now. In my limited years of experience, I've had the privilege of experiencing many forms of leadership, my personal favorite being servant leadership. I have played everything from DAoC, WoW, Everquest, and Runescape, all the way to FFXIV: ARR and Wildstar over these years. I have learned from my experiences as a raid leader, officer, class lead, PvP lead, and guild leadership.

  • Led Trinity Rise, one of my FFXIV server's top progression guilds
  • Experienced Hardcore Progression in Wildstar (yay 15+ hour raid weeks)
  • Raid led WoTLK progression
  • Raid led Cata progression
  • Raid led WoD progression
  • Raid led FFXIV 2.0 progression (Coil 1-9)
  • Class led in FFXIV for all classes
  • Raid led GSB progression and HK in Rift 

My goal is to bring what I can to the table, find two vice-leaders with the same mindset, officers willing to work and learn with us, and more with you all. 



Information for Potential Members

ELG uses a basic structure of organized power. Utilizing a team setup allows us to take input from everyone in the guild.There will be

  • Guild Leader
  • Two Vice-Leaders
  • (x) Amount of Officers Respective to Member Count
  • (x) Amount of Team Leaders Respective to Active Member to World Presence
  • (x) Amount in Charge of Guild Financials and Trade
  • (x) Amount in Charge of Organized Player and Guild Crafting
  • (x) Amount in Charge of Class Lead
  • Rank One Veterans
  • Rank Two Veterans
  • Rank Three Veterans
  • Members
  • Recruits

We will adjust the amount of members that will be working with respective areas of crafting, the bank, class leaders, PvP, PvE, and GvG leaders depending on the current member base and the active presence we have with our members on current worlds. 


Anyone is eligible to rank up in the guild through means of activity, contribution, effort, and just by letting us know!


Again, this is a new guild. I'm going to work my hardest to make this a not only a guild, but a respectable community well known to all. If there are any questions, reply to this thread, send a message to me through the guild website, the guild email, or a message on here.I am looking forward to hearing from you all soon. 


If there is anyone interested in a leadership position, I'd love to hear from you! 


Contact Information:

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