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How Do I Sign Up For The Beta!?

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If I remember correctly when you create an account it says you have signed up for beta at the bottom and it has a link going to the forums. I don't believe there is any email atm saying you've signed up for beta.

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Heres the post:





People who registered on play2crush.com already have a beta group assigned (it was in your original email.)  No changes there, and now that you have completed your account registration, you are good to go.


People who are just joining us now are in Beta Group 5 (I believe), and when it hits a certain threshold we'll increment it again.




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Well keep in mind the coming announcement for Pre alpha founder packs. Then another set of alpha packs. Or by a slim shot, we actually get to be part of a normal beta for a change. 

Nobody said there would be such.

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