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The warrior has arrived!

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Hi fellow CF backers!


I am a 30 year old engineer from Oslo, Norway.

I've played in multiple games over the years, but a quick summary would be:


Lineage 1 and 2 - My dad brought me a copy from the US in 1999 and I fell in love. The PvP in both games were awesome

Ultima Online - unfortunately only played for a little bit before i started Lineage

Guildwars 1 - Never got into GW2, the limited skill-system killed it for me.

Gunz and Gunz 2 - fast paced pvp battles, really good games.


After Lineage 2 and Gunz, I never found a PvP game that really got my intention until the Crowfall Kickstarter. Having played some UO I hoped this could be the next big PvP mmo for me.


I have followed the development of this game for a couple of months, both on reddit/twitter and on the website. I really like the concept of the dying worlds and resetting campaigns and decided it was time to show my support.

I love the Alpha footage that has been shown and it shows great promise so far. I'm also looking for a decent PvP guild to start getting to know a couple of people before game launches.


Thanks :)

Edited by Drasul Roth'ado
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Hey and welcome to the Crowfall community!


I have never played any of the games you have played, so they must be bad.

But if you have any questions about Crowfall, give me a shout.


edit: and its always nice to finally see some norwegians up in this place...Where are you guys hiding?

Edited by zinnie
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Welcome to the forums... you've played some games that take quite a bit of skill, especially GunZ....


Never heard of Gunz, so it cant be that hard.

His list is pretty mediocre... He does not even have your baby CSGO on it.

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Thanks NocturnalDemise, I appreciate it man!


zinnie: I have no clue what your problem is, but thanks for stopping by anyways.


Vikingnail: thanks man!  And it took me ages to get used to Gunz, but its an incredible game.

Edited by Drasul Roth'ado
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Interesting name where does it come from? Welcome to the fourms.


Drasul was actually the middle name of a good friend of mine, and he never used it in his games so asked if I could use it for one of my characters in Lineage, and he said yes. Roth'ado was something I came up with during my Lineage 2 era, previously I was just known as Drasul.


Thanks for stopping by!


Welcome to the forums.  Nice to see another old UO player, even if only for a short while.


UO was amazing when I played it, I really enjoyed the freedom you had to almost do whatever you wanted.

Hopefully Crowfall can be something similar.


And thanks man!

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