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Moonlight Raiders <Friendly NA Guild>


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Moonlight Raiders 

As crows we descend guided by moonlight.




Info: I've played Eve for over 2 years been through personal style guilds and mega guilds such as Test I've been an Fleet Commander a few times as well I know what it takes to make a stand in a system alone with only few ships. Over this time I've learned a few things one a close knit group of friends is better than a mega conglomeration and two without communication a guild is nothing but a rabble. To this end Moonlight Raiders will be a smaller guild where everyone will know everyone and each can trust the skill of those standing next to them in battle.


Main Goal: Have a great fun group that can enjoy Crowfall after all a community makes a great game into an unforgettable experience.


Hierarchy: Moonlight Raiders will be effective in battle with smaller numbers then a mega guild due to a good hierarchy of command.


The Elders


Elder of Crafting: Khoth


Keeps Inventory of guild crafting recipes

In charge of arming the forces 


Elder of Resources: Gunzsmithy


Manages the guild resources

Deals with Mines and Lumberyards


Elder of Relations: Vacant


Deals with cross guild politics 

Reviews new guild-mate applicants 


Elder of War: Vacant


Manages the SCs (Squad Commanders) and their squads

Sets up PvP ops (raids defenses ect.)


Elder Architect: Vacant


Manages the EK and building placement


Together the Elders will also set up guild events and maintain guild order.

All major guild decisions voted on by the Council of Elders unless urgency is needed.





Bloodied in battle and of highest honor.

Able to become a SC to command our troops in battle.

In absence of any Elder being on able to lead the guild in a basic capacity.






Proven loyal & honorable.

Able to  gain access to rare and valuable guild resources for crafting or other activities.

These are the members who have proven themselves truly loyal to the guild.





The basic guild member

Able to fight gain rewards and work in their chosen fields to support the guild.



Requirements to join: Nothing major here just some simple rules. While we don't require anyone to be an adult we expect everyone to act as such. Respect one another and yourself and were good on that. Two be ready to respect the chain of command its there for a reason and that's not to look pretty. Three have fun it is a game after all. To join go to the guild website and register there.


Finally: This is all subject to a bit of change as the details of the game become more concrete. Any questions just ask.


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