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Class Review Video?

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This may be answered in another forum or might have already been asked but I'm looking if anybody has created a video explaining the current class powers and the way they operate. Or even just a review of the combat/classes. I just got into alpha and I'll admit the combat is a bit more complex then I expected (I'm so happy it's not cookie cutter), has anybody taken their stream footage and done a more in depth explanation of the powers?


Also I would love if the devs would post the abilities chart you can access in the test so I could study it a bit before the tests. If this already exists I'd love if somebody could point me in that direction.


Really enjoying the testing.

~Keludar Stormrunner | Twitch Stream


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Keep in mind that "classes" are constantly changing during this early development period and any video created can become old / wrong with a single patch. :)


Yeah I get that, I know it's just testing but I'm super competitive lol

~Keludar Stormrunner | Twitch Stream


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Details of the classes can be found here:






In-depth information on their skills can be found:





Character overviews and strategy videos are being put together by someone at TD. I don't have an ETA at this time though...but it's definitely something we have on the to-do list.

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