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Greetings fellow Crowfreaks! I'd like to finally introduce a project I've been quietly working on. It's a Crowfall fansite called Crowbase.




Crowbase aims to share interesting and relevant news, guides, opinions and tools for fans of Crowfall. My goal is to serve a unique role in the community by featuring basic guides and introductions to Crowfall's concepts to new or curious gamers. I feel that this type of site will compliment the many other community-driven and built efforts that are already starting to blossom.


The primary sections of the site include news, regular columns, videos, guides, and a weekly podcast. The overall project is still somewhat of a work in progress, but in its current state you can see how the pieces are starting to come together.


My previous work has been as the creator of WildStarFans.net, host of the Planet Nexus Cast and most recently co-host for the Gold and Glory Podcast



Update: We've launched a brand new Crowfall audio podcast called "The Hunger"



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Having read wildstarfans.net for a long time, I can only recommend this new Arawulf project. He writes many original articles and does not only copy news. I'm visiting Crowbase daily!


(Plus he linked my Comparison chart)  ;) 

Edited by Canth


THE most active European Crowfall community. Join us now!

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