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Player driven cities like SB in Crowfall?

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It seems like the game will allow players to build cities correct? If so, will it be similar to SB in where you can create NPC guards to fight on your behalf? Will we be creating NPC driven vendors? I know it said the economy would be player driven, but I would love to know more about it and how it rivals SB's player driven economy. 

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NPC Vendors, yes. You can get thralls who act as shopkeepers. No word yet on the guards that I know of (so I could be wrong there... I've been out of the loop for a while).


If I remember correctly, you can assign thralls as guards for your buildings, too.


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I would love to see hired guards in Crowfall.  Especially if you can rank them like in SB.

No levels - no ranks.  But, I'd be interested in over time passive training.  Could give people incentive for smaller scale skirmishes and sort of "routine" sacking of cities.  A build up of attacks to a full on siege wherein the lead guards were killed and replaced by noobs.

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