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[Short Video] Crowfall Pre-Alpha 5 Man Trap

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End of testing 9/18/15 - 5 man teams
ArawulfKnight plays the bait and Oberon finds out the hard way that...  IT'S A TRAP!!!



OMG!  What a nub!  He fell for that?  I would never fall for something like . .



. . . . hey!  lookee that!  A Snickers Bar set out here in the PvP zone where it doesn't make any sense!  (runs over to the Snickers and bends over to pick it up).


And you thought Soap was to be watched for . . .



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LOL!  I had one similar during 5v5 and I'm pretty sure I had Arawulf on my team, though I was the bait.  Lured 3 around the side of the keep and Arawulf and the rest of my squad dive bombed them from above and made them go boom.


It wasn't coordinated or anything, but man was it hilarious!


Chapter Leader


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Hey, I noticed this video was in 4k. That's pretty badass! How has 4k performance been for you in the Alpha so far?


I haven't ran into anyone who was running the game at 4k.


EDIT: Looked at some of your other videos. What are your computer specs like? Also do you record via capture card or anything like that. I saw some dips into the 40 fps ranges that will probably keep me at 1080p 60 fps for the foreseeable future. 

Edited by Zybak

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