Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU ( Only in english or german guilds interested)
  • Atmosphere: w/e, I'm a lone wolf doing my stuff and If theres group stuff to do, I'm doing it. Don't like drama/whiners/"hardcore" player with excuses
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I identify myself as hardcore
  • Size:  whatever it needs to be a top Guild
  • Play-Style:  Agressive, focusing on stuff to do and question everything. Mostly interested in PvP and I could identify myself as tactican/strategist. If theres a important task ( important Guildwar / Castle take etc) I'm going 100% until theres ! 0 ! chance anymore.
  • That's why I'm saying it before someone could be interested. I don't stick with quitters and people giving up, that's why I'm not minding building up a "family atmosphere" or whatever. If someone's gucci we're good but I usally can't play with more than 3-4 people. So a Guild is for me more like a sense of porpuse. Don't worry im not toxic or whatever, just being honest.
  • Commitment: Usally I stick with 1 Game, especially if theres a lot to do, if I'm getting to a point where I just do my daily routine and it's mostly about min/max gear/skill progress I might playing other stuff ( but not another mmo )
  • Miscellaneous: I'm 23 and focusing on creating some content via Stream/youtube. I set up Crowfall as my first step towards it 2years ago. That means I will mostly stream everything and this should be known for the Guildleader/member ( Important war/stuff will be delayed of course). I'm usally a friendly guy which likes to teach stuff and helping newcomer as much as I can because everyone of us getting these special vibes joining a new game, knowing nothing and learn so many new stuff everyday and I want to teach curious player useful and correct informations.


  • MMO : Metin 2, Maplestory, Dragon nest( Rank 1 Kali February 13 ), ArcheAge"Healer ( Soothsayer,Hierophant) participated in Philosopherkings on release), Black desert ( Worked as PvP Tactican and Classmaster in one of the German Top Guilds)
  • Moba : League of Legends ( since season 3 Diamond, highest peak diamond 2 Support ), Heroes of the Storm, ( Beta rank1, ever since diamond, casual play ), Master x Master ( Top 10 ladder, participated in few tournaments as successful team).
  • As recognizeable I'm mostly focusing on Healer classes since I think it's one of the best roles beside Tank to Shotcall in large fights and if your healer/support is skilled enough he/she can boost  the potential of good players to a higher level. 
  • . But in Crowfall it's not safe yet since I like/play mobile healers most of the time. I don't like "static" Mail/Plate healers which slow animations and no movement. Right now I have my eyes on Cleric & Assasin.
  • Lead experience, shotcall experience and in depth Class experience are my strength.
  • People with excuses, whining all day long are my weakness, I can't focus and can't play serious if my mates don't take it seriously around me. I'm getting distracted by something like that very easily, that's why I'm dodging long voice sessions.

Voice-Chat services:

  • Prefer Discord as main Voice-chat service but Teamspeak is also aviable and whatsapp


If you're actually interested hit me up with a message or Discord : Ceitros#4487

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I like to craft, lots, lots, so much so I’m usually behind in levels, but with the time system won’t be an issue.

not much of PvP guy, but like the hardcore crafting of Crowfall.

usually play pure healers if possible and/or crowd control.

started with UO.

big in EQ, maxed out every crafter. Loved my chanter, but raided with Templar cause, well server was short on them.

Vanguard, EQ2 every crafter, hated EQ2 crafting, hated the button mashing in crafting revamp. 

SWG had most of the master crafters, but left when the economy crashed due to tip hack. Loved SWG crafting, was the crafter for 5-6 guilds.

on Canada West coast, but weird hours, so doesn’t matter where you are, can use any chat.

Haven’t cared for most mmo’s in last 5-10 years, to dumbed down. 


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