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Looking for a good solid guild (Team player/Support)

  • Faction: The Order but not committed to anyone faction yet
  • Region: NA
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casually hardcore
  • Size: Any, I enjoy feeling a part of the team and connection with teammates
  • Play-Style: I really enjoy playing support roles but i can flex to anything the guild needs
  • Commitment: I have a busy life, but i can definitely make something like this work if the guild is serious in being active 
  • Miscellaneous:  I'm a team player//18+ guilds only//looking to have some good laughs and some epic moments//Best times for gaming are in the evening to late evening

Experience: Not years and years of xp but enough to know how an MMO works


Guild found

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Guild found

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Procurando por guild BR

  • Faction: Qualquer uma
  • Region: SA
  • Size: Qualquer uma
  • Play-Style: Qualquer um (preferencialmente dps ou tank).

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I've been chasing the dragon for over a decade trying to find an MMO that gets me like EQ1 did when I was 11. All MMO's lack that one thing. Risk. Loss. Struggle. Failure. Crowfall, even in alpha... has gotten me closer to those feelings then any other game. I want to establish myself with a community of folks and reap the benefits together. 

I play quite avidly and am open to playing pretty much anything. As well I love resource gathering and crafting.

Have voice chat enabled.

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Just grabbed an early access pack, and am looking for a group of people to play the game with. 

Quick Intro:

I am a uni student who has no better way to spend money than to throw it at early access MMOs, so I came here. Played a bit and enjoyed my time, and want to get some people to have fun with. I am the usual perverted semi weeb trash you'd expect from teenage MMO players I suppose, I make poorly made socksty jokes, fit into very few social situations and feel awkward as all hell 90% of the time. If that doesn't sound too bad, we could get along. Now that I made my self seem as unlikable as I could, have the ever-standard list of stuff.


  • Faction: Haven't committed to one yet, though I am inching towards Chaos
  • Region: EU
  • Size: Doesn't matter too much, so long the community doesn't feel overwhelming
  • Playstyle: I enjoy doing crafting and gathering, with some combat here and there
  • Casual/Hardcore: I'm a filthy casual
  • Commitment: It will vary, honestly. Mainly on how I feel and my workload at the time. 
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed and reasonably dank.


  • Archeage: >100 Hours
  • Black Desert: <1000 Hours (mainly AFK though)
  • Tree of Saviour: 37 Hours and counting
  • Blade and Soul: >50 Hours
  • Albion Online: >100 Hours
  • Elder Scrolls Online: <100 Hours

As well as some misc time on: Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Runes of Magic, Revelation Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter Online, Moonlight Blade, Bless Online, Vindictus and some others I don't think are worth mentioning. 


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  • Region: EU
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore.
  • Play-Style: Assassin/Flank coordination
  • Commitment: Is this even a question?
  • Miscellaneous: Enough experience, just ask in voice if you're interested in backstory
  • Short version :
  • League of legends High diamond for 2 season ( season 2- season 4)
  • Dragon nest Top 1 Kali ( Bladedancer) PvP Ladder
  • Flank group shotcaller in Games like Archeage/Elder Scrolls online / Black desert

Voice-Chat services: All fine by me, prefer discord since it's perfect for memes

Most important part for me:

No carebear guilds.

 I'm streaming alot it shouldn't be a "huge" problem for the Guild. Important/risky guild activities will surely not be published and smaller guild actions like guildwar/ scrims would be an option if it's ok. but still not interested in strict rules or whatever.

Goals : PvP domination. Not interested into casual guilds

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Just finished downloading yesterday, Jan 10th, and looking for a guild.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: the Americas, GMT-6, no daylight adjustment.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: More to the casual side.
  • Size: Does not matter to me.
  • Play-Style: Crafter.
  • Faction: I would prefer Balance.
  • Commitment: Mostly daily. The first week of the month is very heavy at work, though, so I may need to skip days


  • I cut my teeth on D&D Basic, around 1980 or so.
  • Have played more MMOs than I can remember, a good number of them now defunct. Before that, MUDs. Before that, Colossal Cave and Zork.

I can be summed up as an ancient n00b (at least regarding Crowfall). Yet, I am willing to learn, and be a team player. I much prefer crafting, with gathering second, and combat third.


GUILD FOUND, thank you :)

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Started a few days ago, getting the hang of this game, interested in joining a guild.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore
  • Size: Doesn't matter, no multi-game communities, just Crowfall dedicated guilds.
  • Play-Style: I play druid, so I am just a support/healer, still fairly new so I haven't had any pvp action though.
  • Faction: Balance
  • Commitment: Started a few days ago, but I have been playing daily.


Black Desert Online, just around 2000 hours or so.

Voice Chat Services: Discord

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