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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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I am a NA player who would like to be part of a guild that tends to play 8PM-12AM Pacific.  Right now getting a feel for the Duelist set.



edit: apologies for not being terribly creative right now, but I am dealing with a migraine.

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Been meaning to do this for awhile now.    But I just wanted to throw my information out there and see what sticks.    

Not sure what class at the moment still but plan to play a Human Knight or Half-Giant Champion also looking to champion the pantheon ""Zaleena".     I am not all that great at the crafting system I'm sure over time i will get better at it but I'm more of a Attack/Defense person and I'm looking to get into the mix of it with Battles.   

Mainly Looking to Ease into the game slowly (Thinking the 3 way gods campaign for now) And help a guild build there eternal kingdom up and be productive in helping with defenses and scouting and gathering materials.      Also just looking to network with some cool people.     

My Only real Experience has been World Of Warcraft for the last 13 years solid.   played some other MMO's here and there over the years aswell (SWTOR and ESO).

But i'm really excited about the game and looking forward to getting into it once the Soft Launch Happens.     Thank you for your time :D


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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU preferably a German Guild. (looking to play on EU Servers in the future)
  • Atmosphere: I should not feel forced to play when I have other things to do. I'm willing to  participate in guild activites.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I play almost daily so I would say I'm more of a hardcore player.
  • SizeSmall Medium or Large.   The size of the guild won't matter to me if there are people to play with. Would prefer a medium sized guild where it's more family orientated.
  • Play-Style:  I'm an allrounder. I like gathering but also I just love PvP (some zerk is always good fun to me!) I'm mostly a meele fighter but I'm not 100% sure which class I should play.
  • Commitment: I'm a real gamer, which means I play every genre of games. Really, you can find any type of game in my steam library. But MMO's have always been a special type of game for me. I have one main game which I play every day and some other MP games which I play every other day for some time.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm 22, work on Office times so I'm mostly around in the late evening or the night.


  • I have played a lot of MMO's in my life like WoW, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online (RIP), SWTOR, Regnum Online, Albion Online, Blade and Soul are the most I have played over the years. Also I have been in some CS:S clans back in the day and in a lot of Guilds over the years.

Voice-Chat services:

  • TS or Discord.


Let me know if I have sparked your interest.

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Hi Im looking for an active guild in the US. I have played several mmos before like Tera Rising, Rift, Arche Age, WoW, etc... Im used to play the healer and tank but I can try anything that fits the party =). I liked the crafting system presented in this game and I think I would be more of a crafter than anything else. Im not an awesome pvp player but practice makes perfect isn't it? I can play a alot on weekends (mostly at nigths) and on Mo-Fi in the morning (between work and lectures).

Im willing to have fun this game seems pretty awesome and I hope it will become better on launching =D. 

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Looking for a guild ( I mean this is what this thread is for ). Did not get into MMO's until ESO launched. Instantly I was hooked. I was in the top PVE guild and even won the only raid tourney that ESO ever had. After being one of the top PVE player in the NA I decided to try pvp.  That did not come as easy, but through hours of practice I was stomping noobs in no time. I switched to BDO after playing the korean Version and I have never been so hyped for any game ever to come out. For the first 6 months I did nothing but help lead a guild and spammed pvp everywhere. I even have a youtube with over 4.000 subscribers and videos to prove I am not a complete scrub at pvp. Account name is of course Parfax hit me up with some guild action. ( on chaos but just started so I can switch)

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU will be better but NA is fine
  • Atmosphere: PvP Focus - I am playing on Chaos but I dont mind really just need friends :P
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I am a casual player (depends of girlfriends mainly, if she is not here I am playing as much as I can)
  • Size Small Medium or Large.   I dont care just want friends and learn with them
  • Play-Style:  I like small man action and organise group to RvR
  • Commitment: I love MMO since Daoc 2003.
  • Miscellaneous: I'm 30 working for PokerStars as Digital Marketing manager:P


  • I played MMO since 2003 mainly DAOC, WaR, TESO & GW2 - At the moment I am on Uthgard/Mid

Voice-Chat services:

  • All of them
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Guild criteria:

  • Faction: Any
  • Region: NA or EU.
  • Atmosphere: Omni. I like both PvP/PvE, and crafting. I don't suffer if i have to spend 2 days farming mats.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, just for learning the basics and alternating with other games i'm in guilds aswell. Once the game starts, ill be hardcore.
  • Size: Any as long as there are cool feeling and seriousness inside.
  • Play-Style: I like organized PvP and crafting. I hate zerg-guilds. I can take any role: tank, healer, frontline DD, crafter...
  • Commitment: I'm a serious person, i like videogames as a source of fun, and making new friends. I hate scammers, spam, and any other person that uses videogames as a mean for harming others. I find aswell unrespectful behaviours highly unlikely: trolls, childish gamers, and so. I guess you get my point. I have an easy finger for blocking stupid people that flame and spam in chats, no matter if they are in my guild or are outsiders.
  • Miscellaneous: Currently i play very randomly, but i will be very active when online.

Experience: Many years in MMOs.

Voice-Chat services: Discord and Teamspeak.

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Looking for a good solid guild (Team player/Support)

  • Faction: The Order but not committed to anyone faction yet
  • Region: NA
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Casually hardcore
  • Size: Any, I enjoy feeling a part of the team and connection with teammates
  • Play-Style: I really enjoy playing support roles but i can flex to anything the guild needs
  • Commitment: I have a busy life, but i can definitely make something like this work if the guild is serious in being active 
  • Miscellaneous:  I'm a team player//18+ guilds only//looking to have some good laughs and some epic moments//Best times for gaming are in the evening to late evening

Experience: Not years and years of xp but enough to know how an MMO works


Guild found

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Guild found
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I've been chasing the dragon for over a decade trying to find an MMO that gets me like EQ1 did when I was 11. All MMO's lack that one thing. Risk. Loss. Struggle. Failure. Crowfall, even in alpha... has gotten me closer to those feelings then any other game. I want to establish myself with a community of folks and reap the benefits together. 

I play quite avidly and am open to playing pretty much anything. As well I love resource gathering and crafting.

Have voice chat enabled.

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Just grabbed an early access pack, and am looking for a group of people to play the game with. 

Quick Intro:

I am a uni student who has no better way to spend money than to throw it at early access MMOs, so I came here. Played a bit and enjoyed my time, and want to get some people to have fun with. I generally am not too serious when it comes to games, I like being quite casual. I do enjoy some winning though. Hoping to find a smallish group of friends to play Crowfall with. 


  • Faction: Haven't committed to one yet, though I am inching towards Chaos
  • Region: EU
  • Size: Doesn't matter too much, so long the community doesn't feel overwhelming
  • Playstyle: I enjoy doing crafting and gathering, with some combat here and there
  • Casual/Hardcore: I'm a filthy casual
  • Commitment: It will vary, honestly. Mainly on how I feel and my workload at the time. 
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed and reasonably dank.


  • Archeage: >100 Hours
  • Black Desert: <1000 Hours (mainly AFK though)
  • Tree of Saviour: 37 Hours and counting
  • Blade and Soul: >50 Hours
  • Albion Online: >100 Hours
  • Elder Scrolls Online: <100 Hours

As well as some misc time on: Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Runes of Magic, Revelation Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter Online, Moonlight Blade, Bless Online, Vindictus and some others I don't think are worth mentioning. 


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  • Region: EU
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore.
  • Play-Style: Assassin/Flank coordination
  • Commitment: Is this even a question?
  • Miscellaneous: Enough experience, just ask in voice if you're interested in backstory
  • Short version :
  • League of legends High diamond for 2 season ( season 2- season 4)
  • Dragon nest Top 1 Kali ( Bladedancer) PvP Ladder
  • Flank group shotcaller in Games like Archeage/Elder Scrolls online / Black desert

Voice-Chat services: All fine by me, prefer discord since it's perfect for memes

Most important part for me:

No carebear guilds.

 I'm streaming alot it shouldn't be a "huge" problem for the Guild. Important/risky guild activities will surely not be published and smaller guild actions like guildwar/ scrims would be an option if it's ok. but still not interested in strict rules or whatever.

Goals : PvP domination. Not interested into casual guilds

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Just finished downloading yesterday, Jan 10th, and looking for a guild.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: the Americas, GMT-6, no daylight adjustment.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: More to the casual side.
  • Size: Does not matter to me.
  • Play-Style: Crafter.
  • Faction: I would prefer Balance.
  • Commitment: Mostly daily. The first week of the month is very heavy at work, though, so I may need to skip days


  • I cut my teeth on D&D Basic, around 1980 or so.
  • Have played more MMOs than I can remember, a good number of them now defunct. Before that, MUDs. Before that, Colossal Cave and Zork.

I can be summed up as an ancient n00b (at least regarding Crowfall). Yet, I am willing to learn, and be a team player. I much prefer crafting, with gathering second, and combat third.


GUILD FOUND, thank you :)

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Started a few days ago, getting the hang of this game, interested in joining a guild.

Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore
  • Size: Doesn't matter, no multi-game communities, just Crowfall dedicated guilds.
  • Play-Style: I play druid, so I am just a support/healer, still fairly new so I haven't had any pvp action though.
  • Faction: Balance
  • Commitment: Started a few days ago, but I have been playing daily.


Black Desert Online, just around 2000 hours or so.

Voice Chat Services: Discord

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Already got enough contacts and got many great guilds to choose from! Thank you all! :)

Hello everyone and greetings from snowy Finland. 

I've been following the development of Crowfall 1,5 years. Now looking for a casual but mature EU-guild with interest in learning and enjoying the game without strict activity requirements. 

Region: EU

Casual/Hardcore?: Casual (with some interest in deeper understanding)

Size: Not too "industrial"

Play-Style: I will focus on crafting

Faction: Balance (really no preference)

Commitment: 2-4 days a week (my IRL work takes alot of time from time to time)

Experience: 20+ years RPG and casual gaming experience

Voice Chat Services: I'm pretty flexible

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Updated status
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Hello Everyone,

As the game gets closer to release I'm scouting potential guilds to join. I am currently interested in any guilds that aim for group PvP. I'll leave some info about me and what I'm seeking in detail.

  • Looking for independent thinkers and groups that strive to improve.
  • I have played most major MMORPGs to end-game (most notably Tera, Black Desert, GW2), I'm currently spending my time in GW2 WvW and have past experience with GvG (Guardian, Revenant).
  • Not interested in toxic environments, not interested in drama.
  • I'm a game designer, specifically experience in systems design, so I'm very capable in theory-crafting optimal builds for the guild.
  • I'm a hobby digital artist so I can help with promotional content, characters, etc. (example below).
  • Not opposed to crafting, base building, etc. I generally like to do those things when I'm not fighting.
  • Will most likely alternate between Ranger and Tank classes.
  • I'm NA, East Coast but will generally be available evenings.

If you sound like the place for me just send me a PM and we can chat.S6XIyLZ.png

Edited by KanashiGD
Found a guild.

Game Designer | KanashiGD.com | @KanashiGD

Elf of Hy'shen Avari

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Greetings everyone, like many I am here searching for a guild. Just bought 200$ founders so definitely looking to invest my money's worth in here. 

NO NEW GUILDS PLEASE (prefer a group of people that have been playing together for some time)

  • Faction: Don't care
  • Region: West coast NA (I live in SF)
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Don't care as long as it's a bunch of friendly people
  • Size: Any
  • Play-Style: looking to play healer, but can play any role
  • Commitment: ICU RN, usually working nights. Only working 3 times a week so I'm definitely looking at playing 3x a week (maybe more if the gf gets into the game)
  • Miscellaneous:  Use to be hardcore into gaming, especially pvp. Looking to return to any form of gaming as long as it's with a bunch of friendly people looking to accept another into their ranks. 


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Hi is a Guinecean  duelist looking for a guild to help me out, not going to lie is a new player trying to like this game as well it is fun.  But not fun when the faction you are in dose nothing or is not that helpful. I have been trying to get better gear instead on only basic  so I have a better chance in combat an not dying over an over again, as I have no one watching my back  when out in the field trying to harvest.  Right now I picked the order faction  for this play test. I would really like some guildmates  to play with knowing I have someone watching my back that an maybe share some combat tips,as I'm not that great at it.

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I am looking for a guild. I am an old man. I havent played a MMO since shadowbane. I was looking to get back into it. I like to think of myself as casual, but honestly I play video games more than I should. 

Playstyle: I really like having a regular group to run with. With a little heavy siege thrown in every now and again. I am a very PVP focused player. Crafting and mob farming are not my thing.

Classes preference: I would like to roll a tank type. Looking at the knight or myrm. 


Playtimes: Week nights and weekends pacific standard time zone.

Thank you for the consideration. 

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Hi All! I am a veteran (NA) MMO player having spent most of my MMO time in WoW, WAR and ESO. While no longer a hardcore gamer (because adulting), I generally spent 2 hours/night, 5 nights/week online. I consider myself to be firmly above-average in the PvP department. I've spent time in various guilds including Munshara, Grievance, and Dominant Dominion. 

I'm looking for a mature guild that likes to win and likes to have fun without having to bust out the epeen. I prefer to play with laid back folks who value organization, respect one another, and don't take themselves too seriously. 

Playstyle: I prefer small to mid size group PvP. Large groups can be fun when encountering other large groups, but zerging smaller groups doesn't really trip my trigger. 

Class preference: I generally prefer to play balanced classes that deal reasonable damage with above average survivability. 

Playtimies: 8-11pm, CST

As an aside, I am in the process of starting a stream/channel with another veteran gamer and close friend: Just2Dads. If you're looking for a content creator we could be a package deal for your guild. 

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