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Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread


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Class: Knight/Templar...maybe a champion or a cleric depending on how things go.

Time Zone: MST (LATE)

Play Style: Casual but professional. (Have Discord/Mic, Will Listen) I enjoy being a team player and contributing to the greater good. This just doesn't seem like the kinda game you want to get left out in the cold on. 

Prior Experience: Tried Most Major MMOs at one time or another. Eve, WoW, Albion Online seem relevant here.

What your looking for in a guild and what you can bring to the guild: A group of focused players who have a long term vision of success without sacrificing the enjoyment of the game. I am willing to maintain VIP status and look forward to contributing in both pve and pvp content. Also, I am also a sucker for some good RP guild names, Out of Context guild names can be a bit of a turnoff...I know, I know.

Discord Name: Kalibur#0458

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA / Prefer West
  • Atmosphere: Friendly, relaxed, but structured enough to have success.  
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  50/50 Here. I stream (Just started, only this game). I do have a family so I can't play like I used to.
  • Size: Quality over Quantity.
  • Play-Style: I like all roles, really depends on meta. 
  • Commitment: I play Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night. Weekends depending on family stuff going on.
  • Miscellaneous: This game is going to be amazing. Love PVP.


  • Every MMO since EverQuest. Played BDO pretty hardcore - LvL 60+ 500+ gs. 

Voice-Chat services: I can use anything. Prefer Discord.

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Guild criteria:

  • Region:  NA
  • Atmosphere:  laid back 
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I've never considered myself a hardcore player, but I do have enough free time to be if I'm having enough fun in one game. 
  • Size: Prefer larger guilds
  • Play-Style: Group content is my favorite.  In Crowfall, this naturally means group PvP.
  • Commitment: So long as the guild is active, I'm willing to participate in guild events and goals
  • Miscellaneous: ???


  • DAoC
  • WoW
  • Rift
  • ESO
  • Smite
  • Others


Voice-Chat services:

  • Willing to join any major voice chat program channel.  Generally won't chat a lot until I'm comfortable with the folks in channel.
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Guild criteria:

  • Region:  NA
  • Atmosphere:  fun friendly inclusive
  • Casual/Hardcore?: I would consider myself casual because I have a full life and other games to keep things mixed up.
  • Size: any
  • Play-Style: Group content is my favorite. I love co op experiences including team pvp.
  • Commitment:  as long as the guild is active and friendly
  • Miscellaneous: 


  • DAoC
  • WoW
  • ESO
  • EQ
  • Many many others


Voice-Chat services:


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Guess I might check out a guild. 

Region: NA-East

Casual, mostly here just to check out and play with the crafting/harvesting systems abit. Not sure if there is enough of a game to hold interest so semi/part timer, so far not enough to have the rest of my crew join up. 

Don't really care much what type of guild. Prolly just need some hookups for the derpy motherlodes since they can't be mined solo and need minerals for crafting.

First on my list to play around with is the Necromancy.

Experience: Yes

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA, Im in Colorado so if they keep the current region set up I'm west, but i don't see it having a huge impact on performance when launch arrives so east should be fine too.
  • Atmosphere:   Prefer adult 18+ but I'm flexible
  • Casual/Hardcore?:   I've played hardcore before don't know how ill fit into this game at launch
  • Size: Large, I've played with zerg sized guilds and small mom and pop types, activity is more important than size though
  • Play-Style:  Aside from the obvious interest to objective pvp. I'm very interested in participating in either a large market operation or resource management/collection/transport.
  • Commitment: A guild with a vision is where I'd like to be and I plan to be a major part of that vision.
  • Miscellaneous:   I think id prefer to align balance or chaos(not a big point) i expect to play frostweaver/confessor/assassin in no particular order. I'm willing to play supporting roles but I'll likely be more dps oriented.

Current Games: (PC)

  • Eve (basically a filthy casual now)
  • Overwatch (cant find reliable teammates to save my life, so I wallow in gold)


  • WOW (I do plan on going back to give classic a try when that goes live)
  • Project Entropia  (wasn't this a gem)
  • GW2
  • Swtor  (probably the most beautiful failure I've had the opportunity to be a part of)
  • LOL  (to toxic for me)
  • FF14
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Quick info below and a summary to explain some further information such as experience and focus etc. Hope to hear from you soon!

Timezone:  UK GMT / BST (Open to playing on US Servers)

Play hours: 8 a.m-12 a.m Monday - Friday / Anytime - Saturday/Sunday (Early Morning Player)

Experience/Focus/Play-stylePlayed since Jan 2017, tried a little in each class, 90% time spent on duelist. Solo-ish type player focused on gathering and crafting. Looking for a guild that's willing to accept my play-style with a give and take relationship, i give my services, resources and crafted goods for help and a loving community in return.


Due to my hours of work i am unable to play in the evening, this leaves my hours of play being in the morning, roughly a few hours a day depends what i'm doing with alot more coming at the weekend when i'm off work, pretty standard procedure. Would expect this to rise in a guild with more to-do and others to rally up with.

Played since Jan 2017 but only really messed with PvP and watched the game progress, a log on, get basic gear and try and gank someone situation, never got into the crafting. Fast forward to Jan 2018 and im starting to love the game, the gathering and the crafting, how in-depth it all is and how much is to come. While in the first year i tried and messed around with all the available classes/races i didn't specify on one in terms of skill trees, up until i started playing daily in Jan 2018 where i started to only play as a guinecean duellist. So where as i do have some experience in the other classes/races and some skill tree nodes unlocked for a few on this update, i have everything unlocked for the duellist and most of my experience is with that lil guy. But once again back to the playtime, cause i had no one to play with in the morning, a solo player if you will and i just wanted to go around and gather/craft i found his stealth ability so useful and the easy pip system makes the learning curve pretty light weight that it just seemed the best pick for my play-style so probably why i've stuck with him for now, still have alot to learn for him though in terms of PvP and disciplines. That being said i would love to dive deeper into the other classes, frost-weaver and the ranger intrigue me! Also really interested in what races are the best for each gathering/crafting profession.

So with that sort of run down on my current play time situation let me give you an update on my playstyle, focuses and what i would like to see from a guild and what i can give in return. Over the past two months i just been specialising into ore and runemaking/blacksmithing, so have experience in those two and i'm starting to look into other professions now. Took over a few towns with my stealth ability and ganked a few rival gatherers but in terms of PvP haven't done anything major, nothing more than 4 players against each other, nothing group or large scale, would love to get into it though! I Do however pride myself on my master guinecean escaping abilities, im one gatherer that will put up a fight on his procedural escape, leads back to the races etc though on which is best for gathering, escaping, certain professions, i need info/help :P!

I pretty much just want to be a gatherer/crafter that helps donate to a guild to build their eternal kingdom and be apart of the community, with the odd bit of PvP. All i ask in return is for help, there's a lot i don't know about this game in terms of what race is best for what crafting profession, how best to gather etc and there's so many professions to choose from i cant do it all solo. So over the coming months when i settle on a profession, i can start donating resources and crafted goods, in return for resources and crafted goods in areas of which i slack, for instance if i stick with ore for runemaking/black smithing i can donate tools, weapons, plate armour and rare ore resources! in return for armour or leather so i can craft myself some basic armour as i wouldn't be specialising in  leather or skinning get the jist :)?! (from a Guinean duellist perspective)

With that being said, hoping you read it all, im still trying out classes/races and professions, so if your guild is in particular need for anything there's no reason for me not to try it, any help is appreciated and to be honest im just looking for something simple, i mean it doesn't get simpler then collecting one resource say ore, and using it for two professions!

Hope to hear from you soon!



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Found a guild.

Guild Criteria:

Region:  EST.

Age Range:  Adults.  I am mid-40s.

Atmosphere:  Social and community oriented.  I won't fit in with a guild that tolerates LGBTQ bashing, women hating or racism.  If we can keep that much cool then lets have some fun making some stuff to include making the other factions suffer.

Casual/Hardcore:  Focused Casual.  As a former Military Enlisted/Officer guy I have learned that a guild with no structure or goals will drive me bonkers.  Having played in a few hardcore guilds I also know that I don't want to spend 7 days a week 6 hours a day minimum just trying to meet the minimum standards for guild events.

Size:  Medium to Large.  I would prefer a larger guild that will have active players around to do stuff when I am on.  

Play Style:  Stealth or Healing (Assassin or Druid).  Right now I am trying out both.  Stealth seems to be great for gathering, but I think I have been using it as a crutch to get over the initial no-gear vulnerability in this game while I figure out what the hell I am doing with these buttons.  I will be happy to go back to healing if we have a guild that can gather resources together.  I have the most fun in the past healing so likely I will go that way.

I see group regathering runs as a likely source of PvP or at least an opportunity to constructively waste some time and chit chat while we bang away at rocks.  I also plan to go heavy into leather working at launch.  Building up a guild EK would be an awesome goal as well for me.  Lastly, a guild that can band together with others in our faction for those epic fights sounds like a great way to spend a weekend to me.

Commitment: I will likely play Tuesday and Thursday EST after 6 in the evening during the week with Friday/weekend play unless I have something going on.  I show up to group events unless I just can't make them. I will put in the time to bring the A-game for a worthy endeavor.  The more inspired I get the more I tend to put into a game.


ESO (Beta up until they rolled in console play)
I also played some Tera, DnD, Heroes, Wildstar, AoC, FF 14 and half a dozen others over the years, but never played any of those for more than a few months.
Tons of PC and console games over the years all the way back to Adventure on my neighbors' Atari 2600 in early grade school.  I have tried hundreds of RPGs and real time strategy games on PC or console.

Misc: Most Mondays and Wednesday evening are out because those are the nights I dedicate to choking people at the BJJ gym.  Same for most Saturday mornings.  Nothing keeps you more grounded than periodic bouts of unconsciousness.
PC is decent with 1080Ti - getting 60 FPS on medium settings right now.


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Hi all,

Timezone:  PST
Play Times:  Typically 7pm-midnight M-Sun, some additional times on weekends, more frequently on Wednesdays (yes, I know that's random).
Play Style:  Focused casual.  If I'm on, I'm playing rather than socializing.  I'll be harvesting or crafting (or managing the shop) if I'm playing.  I will probably average 15-20 hours/week.

Been playing around with harvesting and crafting at various times during Crowfall's early testing, starting with the earliest stages of IT.  Now looking to settle into a more regular cadence of testing and playing, so looking for a guild of like-minded individuals to explore the world with.

About me:  40-ish year old West-coast based gamer.  Been playing MMOs since the UO days.  Primarily intend to spend my time in Crowfall crafting and/or harvesting because I have a 4 year old son and another child on the way, and as a result my playtimes are sporadic and often require logging off without much notice (which would put adventuring/death squad teams in an unfortunate position of being short handed).  I primarily play on weeknights and a bit on the weekends.  

What I'm looking for:  Either (1) a large guild with an internal harvesting and crafting organization, or (2) a mid-large sized, well organized crafting/harvesting guild.  Prefer mature guilds.  Not interested in some guild that enforces political correctness, but not interested in a guild full of folks who get off on griefing either.


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Found a guild.


Hello. I'm Nouda!

Let's keep it short and simple.

Who am I?

  • I'm a 20 year old guy from Switzerland (GMT+1)
  • Completely new to CF
  • I want to focus on the PvP-side of the game
  • I like playing in coordinated teams
  • Mostly active after work in the evening

What I'm looking for:

  • I'm looking for a medium or large sized EU-guild
  • Preferably with active Discord (TS3 is ok too..)
  • English and/or German speaking
  • A place where I can learn from experienced (PvP-)players
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I'm Atticus, and I am completely new to CF.

I just turned 30, and I am on the East Coast of the United States and do not have a preference for time zones of the people I play with. If I can find a team, I will most likely play 10-20 hours a week.

I enjoy the PvP aspect, but find myself crafting, building, and farming in most of the games that I play. I enjoy the grind as long as there is some action at the end of the road.

I am looking for a group of social and friendly folks because I game to escape the stress of my normal day. Hopefully the guild is active on discord because I seem to live on it!

My occupation is Recruiting and Human Resources, so I live a relatively fast pace life for my day job. It's nice to come home and relax, and drop all that drama at work!

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Hi I am Joergenator

About me:

19 years old from Norway (GMT+1)

New to CF, but used to MMO`s, PvP has always been my thing.

I am usually active daily after worktime, and weekends when possible.

Looking for:

An organised guild, Medium to large guild. (English speaking)

PvP (every MMO I have played, I have always liked the PvP aspect)



Hit me up if you have questions or can offer me a guild to join :)

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I am a content creator on twitch looking for a guild that has an active testing presence. I want to be able to test the new systems being added in the EKs as well as have people to run with that will be okay with going to check out certain content for my stream. 

I am torn between being a Cleric or Druid healer and plan on crafting. I am going to get a second account before launch to focus on gathering in campaigns as well as healing in PvP to contribute. 

I go by the same name on twitch so feel free to stop by and check me out before making a decision. I am an EST player and am on 9pm-12am Wednesday-Saturday.

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Timezone:  EST (-05:00)

Play hours: Currently a undergrad student so hours vary, but can commit to any night after about 6 until 1 - 2 am EST and weekends. 

Experience/Focus/Play-styleBeen playing and loving MMORPGs for 10+ years starting with WoW and branching out to others like GW2 and D&D Online. Looking to get into Crowfall as my new fix to find a group of players to hang out and get really into the game with. Newer to the game, but see my playstyle as crafting/resource focused but without a guild that playstyle hasn't been the greatest. My past leans toward the cleric healer role also, so with time might end up working on that as well.

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or have an opening for me. 

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New to crowfall and looking for a guild to start with after the wipe! I have played MMORPG/PvP games all my life. Games like WoW, GW1/GW2, OSRS, DAOC, Albion online, and most recently BDO. Also Alot of moba games like LoL, Dota2 and Hots.

I prefer semi hardcore gameplay, I have a life I have to maintain outside of games and I do not wanna give up that for an mmorpg. But I do love to be competative and can play alot during the weekdays. I have hardcore pvp/raiding experience from other games including groupleading and shotcalling in BDO and GW2 PvP. And dont mind a grind or a challenge. I am looking for friendly players that are in my time zone that can show me around the game and have the same kind of mindset as I do, but dont have the seas of time to be a full hardcore player.

Discord: pyroxius#5462

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Just started the download, interested in a guild to help guide and grow with. Have played EQ & WoW mostly, dabbled in GW2 & ESO when they released but was not overly fond of either. The most enjoyable mmo experiences I had were on the deathwing server pvping when they released the hwl/gm ranks, prior to bg`s. The open world pvp was intense, I played a shadow priest (often healing), running a very successful open bg pvp team. I was recruited into the top horde pvp guild but declined, staying with my friends that transferred from EQ. I am looking to recapture that open world pvp magic, plus I enjoy crafting immensely!

I am EST however I work evenings in the restaurant industry, thurs through sun nights. My night time play will vary, I often enjoy playing in the mornings and early afternoons prior to work. I am not much on voice coms, I often listen but have little desire to purchase and use a mic, I prefer my gaming environment quiet, I typically play with no sound unless I am raiding.


Feel free to ask any additional questions, look forward to meeting new folks!

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: NA - CST (Texas)
  • Atmosphere:  Mature, but... within reason. Not a fan of racist type of jokes, but happy to be around some foolishness as well. 
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  casual to medium intensity
  • Size: medium+
  • Play-Style:  Generally prefer tacklers (melee with Chase/CC), but willing to play other styles.  Generally prefer ranged dmg  (mage) for sieges.
  • Commitment:   I will have a varying schedule often, but i do have plenty of time to play and i'm probably going to get a 2nd account and keep it premium to make life  a bit easier on the crafting side.
  • Miscellaneous:  I'm very familiar with roaming and siege tactics from a variety of games. Good with calls, shutting up in voice, and general awareness of the situation. 
  • Experience: 

    • Shadowbane - I give myself credit for being an originator on what was a highly highly dominant build that took the community a few months to catch onto and finally start copying and countering it (after i posted it on a guild forum). I spent a solid several months pretty much unchallenged in 1v1 and exceptionally deadly during sieges. I've been looking for a game to replace the void that Shadowbane left for me. I think Crowfall looks like it could be it.

    • Albion Online 

    • EQ/EQ2 - spent years and years being a raid leader/Main Tank in EQ for a top 3 server guild.

    • WOW

    • FFXIV

    • TERA

    • LOTRO

    • SWTOR - spent most of time in pvp

    • SWG

    • Lots and lots of RTS's/MOBAs

  • Voice-Chat services: I can use any. Primarily on Discord/Teamspeak, but have used a variety int he past.

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